Our exceptional team

Enthusiastic, fun-loving, friendly and remarkably well-travelled, the crew aboard the good ship AliKats are a stellar bunch. It feels like a family here, and like any family each member brings something special to the group. Their aim is to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and we can’t wait to welcome you into our fold during your stay.

Ali & Kat

Meet Al & Kat

After a decade of making dens and climbing trees through the 80s, the following 10 years were spent negotiating our respective ways through gruelling exams (which we do not miss one little bit). After emerging into the adult world we did everything we could to avoid the inevitable by going travelling. Eventually we gave in, and Kat pursued a career in media sales while Al entered consultancy. We met in October 2006 and were engaged less than 3 months later. After an amazing season as chalet hosts in Morzine in 2010 we realised this was the life for us. The last 6 seasons with Alikats have been incredible, made even more so by the birth of our gorgeous children Ivy, Wilf & Albie!

Meet Will

I'm back! This will be the third year I have been working with Al and Kat in some way or another – firstly as a chalet host and subsequently in a variety of roles including staff trainer, in-house designer, HR consultant, child wrangler, dog walker, purveyor of moral support and general helper outer. This year I am also involved in the glamorous world of Office Administration, a job which draws on none of my previous experience but which appeals to my unnaturally high levels of OCD. Sadly, making sure it snows every day is outside of my remit.

Meet Laura

My background is in art and design and I specialised in ceramics and photography. I see the world with a frame around everything and I plan to extend my portfolio out here. I’m also a mum and have a lovely little boy called Archie who is nearly 6…so lots of experience with lego, cars and building dens too. I love a good chat, so whilst we are driving around resort please don’t hesitate to ask me anything to make your magical holiday in Morzine amazing.

Meet Sashi

Kia Ora, after 7 years of being a flight attendant I wanted to mix it up and follow my snowboarding passion. My other likes include cooking, meeting new people and red wine; which fits perfectly as I plan to do these all season! I like to have fun, make the most of opportunities and am always up for a good yarn. If you have ever found your jokes to fall short and don't gain the laughs you think it deserves, come have a chat with me, because I laugh at anything! I am excited to work at AliKats and make your holiday the best it can be!

Meet Craig

Having jumped around a few jobs including working the skies as cabin crew and teaching teens as a youth worker I found my true calling when after the devastating earthquakes of 2011 I started my own superhero charity. With costume on I set out to help those most in need in the form of food packages which ended up being a 4 year charity project. I love travelling and throwing myself at new experiences and can't wait to meet you chez AliKats!

Meet Ashley

A decade on from the 18 year old school leaver with no clue what to do with my life, other than an ambition for adventure, I have traveled thousands of miles around the world, making friends, eating food...lots of it... and creating a lifetime of memories. 3 years ago I met Paul (see below!) and a year later we were married! Although pigeon-toed with limited skills of balance and coordination, I am excited to throw myself, literally, into this new adventure. Padded pants at the ready!

Meet Paul

After a holiday in New Zealand with some mates opened my eyes to how much more exciting than Wales the world can be, I bought a one-way ticket to Australia and have been moving around ever since. Chalet hosting gives me the chance to combine two of my favourite things a) cooking and b) falling over with skis stuck to my feet! Outside of work and travel, I am a massive Liverpool fan and am teaching myself guitar (badly)!

Meet Mark

After long careers in teaching, the NHS and Central & Local Government, my wife Caroline and I set up an artisan bakery near Cambridge three years ago. I am passionate about baking, cooking, skiing and drumming. Having been a drummer since I was 14 –and I shall miss my gigging with my band – the lads are threatening to come out to Morzine for a gig or two!! I can’t wait to bake and cook for you when we welcome you to Riverwood Lodge.

Meet Caroline

I have always wanted to live abroad so when Mark returned from a skiing holiday and idly suggested that we get a job hosting a chalet I was hooked! I love cooking great food, hosting great meals and am especially passionate about baking – Mark and I established our own artisan bakery in Cambridgeshire three years ago. I am really looking forward to working in the AliKats Team, even though it means that I will miss my opportunity this Christmas to ham it up on stage in our local village panto!

Meet Laura

One cold, grey, heading-to-work day, I decided to quit my job. I had been reading an article about cooking in the mountains and felt inspired. I love a new experience and a challenge, so… a few months later I arrived here and have never felt so immediately at home in a new place. I often return home from my travels and experiment with ideas taken from favourite recipes I have learned along the way. Cooking, skiing and beautiful design are what make me tick. I’m lucky to have found a place I can enjoy all three!

Meet Lance

When I was young, in my school holidays, I used to work in a French restaurant in the south of France to learn my passion. Having now worked as a chef in England for the past few years, developing my skills and progressing through the ranks in high quality restaurants, I figured it was time to get myself over to the Alps for a ski season. So here I am ready to cook up a storm for the AliKats guests!

Meet Brin

Having grown up in Cornwall with a surfboard under my feet, it seemed a natural progression to try snowboarding. At age 9 it got under my skin and I haven't been able to shake the bug since. I now spend my summers instructing water sports around the Mediterranean waiting for the first snow to fall so I can get back into the mountains. I am really excited to be working for Alikats this winter and look forward to making your holiday complete.


Meet Murray

If you’re lucky enough you may get the chance to meet Murray, Al and Kat’s border collie who pops in now and then to say hello. With bags of energy and bowlfuls of enthusiasm he loves nothing more than playing in the snow and bounding up and down the mountain. Warm and friendly, he’ll wander up tail wagging to greet you, but will expect a bit of fuss in return. Assuming you oblige he’ll be your best friend for life.

A few of our team videos