September 27, 2018

Al’s wild camping challenge

A mountain in the shape of an Elephant’s head; a golden sunset; star gazing over the mountains; juicy berries and pots of local jam and honey: If this sounds like something you’d only ever come across in a story book, perhaps it’s time you gathered together your favourite people and headed to the mountains…

In this video Al fulfils a promise to take his two eldest children on a wild camping trip to the top of La Chaux, his favourite local mountain in the shape of an Elephant’s head.  As if heading out into the wilderness with two kids under six years old isn’t adventurous enough, Al somehow found himself agreeing to another challenge, to fuel the trip with food found within a 1.5 mile radius of home (and AliKats headquarters) in the Portes du Soleil village of Saint Jean d’Aulps.

In keeping with AliKats’ environmental policy of reducing food miles as much as possible, Al’s challenge is to go on foot to find enough tasty produce in local shops and gardens to keep the campers happy and well fed on their trip.

Follow the campers in their adventure in this video. The happy faces, spectacular views and mountain vibes will make your feet itch for your next mountain adventure!

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