March 5, 2012

It’s piste skiing from now on, but we’re ok with that

The snow pack in the Alps this season has been well publicised as one of the most dangerous in many years. It was caused by a sustained very cold period in the Alps during November which led to what is known as a ‘Hoar frost’ sitting at the bottom layer of the snow pack – which basically means that all of this season’s off-piste snow is sitting on millions of ball-bearing-type ice crystals that could give way at any minute. Sound scary? Well it is and it’s not going to improve anytime soon!

So for that reason, we are sticking to piste skiing for the rest of the season but that’s perfectly ok with us, the pistes are in great condition!


We were out skiing earlier today in Lindarets, not far from our chalet in Morzine, and the pistes are in that dreamy condition where they are firm but with the right amount of loose powder on top so that you never have to worry about patches of ice. Delightful. After a bit of a warm few days in early January, the snow is now on the trees at 1000m with some very cold weather due next week. Mid-January is a great time to ski as the snow is very reliable and there is no-one else around to get in your way: happy days!