April 5, 2012

Can I be Franc with you? Skiing in France is looking cheap for once

Within the last month, the Swiss Franc has become so strong against the British Pound that if you wanted a medium Big Mac meal in a Switzerland, it would have set you back £11.65!! Skiing in Switzerland this winter is going to hurt the wallet. Combined with the pound making a long awaited but slow recovery against the Euro (up to 1.17 yesterday) means that a ski holiday in France is looking pretty cheap by comparison!


Clearly this rate is unsustainable and the Swiss government know it as they are doing everything they can to keep it as a sensible value. And with the well-documented problems in the Eurozone, the pound is only going to strengthen against the Euro. So amid all the depressing economic data, there is reason to be cheery if you earn pounds.

We have already started to see an increase in enquiries from groups that, traditionally choose to hit the pistes in Switzerland, opt for the cheaper option of the Portes du Soleil. The great benefit of the Portes du Soleil of course is that with a Portes du Soleil pass (BTW – one of the cheapest in Europe this winter but we’ll cover that in another blog) you can ski in 5 Swiss ski resorts anyway (Les Crosets, Champery, Champoussin, Morgins and Torgon). Bonus!

Just be sure to take the chairlift back into Eurozone before you stop for lunch….