April 5, 2012

Food can make or break a ski holiday in a Morzine chalet

For the majority of our guests, the thing that keeps them coming back is Kat’s food. It is one of the key ingredients (excuse the pun) to a Morzine chalet holiday and we our very proud of the praise we have received on Trip Advisor for our food over the last few seasons. However, when it is done badly it can really ruin a chalet holiday…

We have stayed in chalets in other resorts where the chalet hosts had never actually cooked for other people before coming out to work a winter season. Looking at recipes like they were written in Swahili is not a good sign – and the results were predictably disappointing!

This doesn’t just apply to Morzine chalet holidays though, bad food can even ruin lunch at your desk! In our opinion, there is nothing worse than ‘functional eating’, i.e. eating to hold back the hunger. Every meal time should be a pleasurable experience, whether it’s at work, in the airport or on a chalet holiday.

And this is the way we approach creating your Morzine chalet holiday experience; from the first cup of tea you drink when you arrive (the brew is never rushed of course) to the chamapgne and canapes through to the 4-course dinners each night, it is all thought through and created with love.

Here is a short video to give you an idea of what goes into it all behind the scenes