August 5, 2012

New additions to the AliKats team: Babies, Recruitment & some comedy job applications

After 5 hard months of the winter season with barely a day off, everyone in Morzine shuts up shop for the month of May. And it really does take a full month to recover as well! But now our mind turns to the next challenge – augmenting the AliKats team for next winter. We have already made an excellent start in the shape of Ivy Judge, who was born on 1st June! As much as we think she just the most wonderful little person, she is not going to be ready to host the AliKats guests this winter! So the recruitment drive has begun…

We are looking for couples who have got a few years experience of another career already under their belts and can bring their worldy experience to do something a bit different with AliKats next winter (see the About Us section for more details).

It’s a very important but exciting time for us – recruiting the right team is absolutely critical to the AliKats experience, as last year’s reviews prove. Getting it wrong would be pretty awful – everyone’s heard the chalet host horror stories! Last year we remember how excited we were after interviewing Ben, Amelia, Simon and Colleen and we couldn’t wait for them to actually arrive to begin the journey together. And for every quality applicant we come across, we also receive 10 emails from people who have copy/pasted and sent to god knows how many other chalet companies. The least we look for is a personalized email so we put the vast majority in bin, so here are some pitfalls to avoid when applying for a job with us:

– “Dear {Chalet Owner},Please can I have a job with {Chalet Company Name}. You will make my dreams come true” [Oh, ok then]

– “Dear Sir/Madam. I am applying for a job with your company as I believe I have the analytical mind necessary to deliver the value that your shareholders demand” [Chalet hosting is many things. Analysis is not one of them]

– “Hello, please find attached my wife’s CV. I am looking for a break from her and thought that she might be a good fit for your company” [Wow]

So we’d like to say a big thank you for all the really thoughtful applications we’ve received so far – we’re off to an exciting start! But you can never cast the net too wide so if you think you know anyone who might be a good fit for AliKats, send them our way!