April 5, 2013

Seriously, is there anything better than having a beer on a blue sky day on a snowy mountain?

Here’s our view of how our favourite activity compares to a ’10 things to do before you die’ list…

1. Climb Mt Everest. Ridiculously impractical, likely to suffer awful altitude sickness & 10% of climbers die doing it. AliKats verdict: Less good

2. Take the World’s Most Awesome Roller Coaster. Dubious entry into a top 10 list of the world’s best activities. AK: Definitely less good!

3. Realizing a childhood dream. Our childhood dreams consisted of being at the top of a snowy mountain on a blue sky day, except without beer. AK: Nope.

4. Develop a talent. How has this even made it into a top 10 list? AK: No contest

5. See for yourself that the earth is round. Admittedly, that would be pretty sweet but given it is an economically unrepeatable activity, it can hardly be classed a favourite. AK: Good effort but still less good

6. Skydive. Good fun but over before you’ve had the chance to take it in. There is always time to take in the view on a mountain, therefore verdict = Unlucky!

7. African Safari. High likelihood of seeing nothing. AK: We’ll stick to our mountains thanks!

8. Swimming with Sharks. High likelihood of death. AK: Ummm, no.

9. Experience weightlessness. Surely this is covered in #6? Very much doubting the validity of this list. AK: Ditto

10. Visit the great wall of China. It’s a wall. AK: Not even close

So there you have it, scientific proof that having a beer on a snowy mountain on a blue sky day is the best thing in the world. Next week, how the ski industry is helping halt climate change…