April 5, 2013

We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership which gives 20% off ski-hire for all AliKats guests!

At AliKats, we’re all about building solid, long-term partnerships that are win-win for both parties. When both parties feel like they are getting something positive from a partnership, it forms great relationships and helps provide customers with great value for money and fantastic customer service. The latest in our growing line of partners is Skimobile, run by a couple of charming French guys; Luc & Ollie, who provide mobile ski & snowboard hire and can fit you out for the slopes at the chalet the moment you arrive, and they are offering a 20% discount if you stay with us at the AliKats chalet. Thanks guys!

They have a top-notch range of kit, including Burton snowboards new for 2012, and provide a great service where they come to the chalet with a wide range of kit. We will arrange the timings with them so that they arrive at the chalet shortly after you arrive and then you get in the back of their toasty heated van to try on your boots and skis/board. What could be easier? Before you come on holiday, just make sure you fill out the booking form on their site: www.ski-mobile.com and specify that you are staying with AliKats. In the next few weeks, we’ll be telling you about various other partnerships that we have struck up to help you have the best holiday you possibly can! Woo hoo!