April 5, 2013

Why this season is going to be BRILLIANT for spring skiing!

If you haven’t done it before, spring skiing is something very special and this year, with 270cm of snow still in Avoriaz, is going to be pretty special. Here are some crude maths to prove this:

  • The last 2 weeks have been really warm and we’ve lost about 2cm of snow per day (i.e. Not very much)
  • Assuming it will continue to be that warm for the rest of the season (which is very unlikely) we will lose another 70cm of snow in the remaining 35 days of the season
  • This will still leave us with a whopping 200cm of snow on the last day of the season (Apr 22nd)

And here is what you have to look forward to if you book an AliKats holiday between now and the end of the season:

  • Spring temperatures mean skiing in t-shirts (Ben was skiing with his top off altogether the other day, but then again he is a bit of a poser)
  • Powder like conditions at certain points of the day. Normally between 11-2pm, just when the snow is soft enough and before it gets too slushy, the snow behaves like powder – lots of fun!
  • Long daylight hours. With the clocks going back in 3 weeks, skiing in April is like a summer holiday and a winter holiday in 1!
  • Long boozy lunches. Not sure this point is necessarily any different to a normal day’s skiing but worth adding anyway.
  • Live music on the pistes. There are a number of different festivals scheduled between now and the end of the season in Morzine and Avoriaz so there is always something going on
  • Spring barbeques. If the weather is right, we may even be doing a couple of barbeques for dinner!

We still have various bits of availailability so get in touch if you like the sound of this…