March 25, 2014

5 reasons why spring is our favourite time for skiing in Morzine

The sun is setting later on our Morzine chalets, the days are getting warmer (although the nights are still cold) and the sun terraces are packed at lunchtimes. Yes, spring time is here and we smiling from ear-to-ear! Here are 5 reasons why we love spring skiing so much:

  1. A summer holiday and a winter holiday in one! I was out skiing in a t-shirt today and at no point did I feel cold. We have had so much snow in Morzine in the last 2 months, that we know the skiing will be great for the rest of the season now. So we can fearlessly embrace the warm weather that spring brings with it, knowing that we will be skiing right to the end of April.
  2. Spring snow is a truly wonderful thing. If you hit a slope at the right time, spring snow behaves like powder and is incredibly forgiving. Mogul fields are no longer terrifying and in fact become rather appealing when you know there is a softer landing on the other side!
  3. Barbequeues & Rosé on the slopes. Say no more.
  4. Blue sky powder days. Over the last few seasons we have had some of the biggest snow falls on the last week of the season. And the best thing is, there is no-one around to steal your lines!
  5. Live music on the slopes. The Rock the Pistes festival runs from 14-21st March and involes a series of gigs by top quality, international bands on the actual slopes. Amazing!


Al skiing on the last day of the season in lots of lovely powder. With his tongue sticking out.