March 5, 2014

Each week’s skiing in 2014 has been better than the last

After a fairly shaky start in January, the season in Morzine has been going from strength to strength and each week has been better than the last….

The last 14 days has seen loads of new snow and in particular, the last few days has been particularly special and has left our chalet with a very healthy covering on the roof. 2 months ago I was a bit concerned about how much spring snow we were likely to be left with but I am now confident we are in for cracking months of March and April. The chalet is almost full in March, however we do have a bit of space left in the last week of the month so the news of the snow has obviously been filtering it’s way through Europe!

I was out skiing in the backcountry today and the snow was up to my waist in some places. My dog Murray was really having to work very hard to jump through it all and he is now snoring deeply under the table as the guests eat dinner!