June 15, 2014

Planning the photoshoot for our 3rd chalet: Riverwood Lodge

Running your own business means you end up doing lots of varied activities. Running a chalet business is no different and one of our favourite, if infrequent activities, is doing the photoshoot when we take on a new chalet.


The feedback from the photos of Chalet de l’Ange has been amazing and people are rushing to book with us; so clearly the hard work of photographing it properly has been worth it! So we need to do the same with Riverwood Lodge, our 3rd chalet. Our photographer Dave has been to visit the chalet and work out how best to shoot it so as to faithfully reflect it’s character for prospective chalet guests. So on July 8th, we will spend a full day at the chalet setting up, making beds & bringing all the usual AliKats touches to the rooms ready to start taking photos in the afternoon and evening.

The chalet is still being renovated at the moment so there are still some areas that we can’t photograph, such as the hot-tub and the outside of the building, but hopefully the internal shots will be sufficient to give people a feel of what the chalet is like and allow them to make a decision as to whether they want to stay there.

We then have a couple of weeks of editing and website updates to make before we launch the 3rd chalet on our site at the end of July. So keep an eye out!

EDIT: Check out the results! Riverwood Lodge