June 5, 2014

Exciting developments: 2 new AliKats chalets in Morzine for next year. Oh and a new baby…

Following on from a really successful 1st 3 years running the current AliKats chalet in Morzine, La Ferme a Jules, we are delighted to announce we will be taking on 2 more Morzine chalets next year. This means that all of our lovely guests who enquired about staying with us this year but couldn’t because we were full, can now look forward to 2 additional options each of which are full of character and style.

We are in the process of updating the website and will be ready to tell you much more about each of them over the next few weeks. They are both nearby to our current chalet and this means you can easily get to the superfast Ardent gondola for skiing in the mornings.

The other minor update it is worth noting is that we have a son! His name is Wilfred (aka Wilf) and is delightfully squidgy little thing. He was born on 27th April and his big sister Ivy is very excited that she has someone to play with

Photos to follow on all new additions over the next few weeks!