August 5, 2014

Moving into interview phase for AliKats chalet host positions

Over the last 3 seasons, we have been very lucky to have some brilliant staff working for us and the challenge is always to try and improve on the quality of the team from the previous year! So far, the applications we have received this year are looking good and we have the first round of interviews this week. With 2 new chalets though, we are looking for a big team so we expect the process to take a little while.


So if you are still interested in applying, make sure you remember what we look for when we recruit:

1. Chalet hosts who want to please others! This is what makes happy guests

2. Chalet hosts who are not afraid of really hard work. Some parts of the season are seriously tough so it’s best to be honest about this up front

3. Write us a great cover letter / email. We can teach you the skills but we can’t teach you to have the right attitude. So demonstrate up front that you have got it!

If you bear that in mind, when you apply, and you still want to apply, then you’re pretty much guaranteed an interview!