September 30, 2014

Recruiting for new AliKats chalet hosts next winter…

With 2 new Morzine chalets next year, we are going to be recruiting a bigger AliKats team, and as anyone who has stayed with us will know, our chalet hosts are EVERYTHING! So what makes a great chalet host and what do we look for? Here are our top 3 tips..

    1. We look for chalet hosts with the need to please. Keeping our chalet guests happy is the most important thing and unless customer service comes naturally to you, there is only so long you can fake it for. So people who get genuine pleasure from helping and pleasing others is key
    2. We need people who can demonstrate that they are not afraid to work hard. Really hard. A winter on the AliKats team can be incredibly rewarding but it is hard work and anyone interested in applying should not pretend otherwise. The hours can be anti-social and you need need to be able to give 100% even when you are feeling 25%. But the hard work will be worth it, we can promise you that.
    3. Your CV is not important to us. Your covering letter is. We believe we can teach you the skills necessary to do the job so we don’t care too much what you have done previously. What we can’t teach you is attitude. This comes naturally and this is the bit we are interested in. That’s where a personalised covering letter comes in. Please don’t start the letter with ‘To Whom it may concern’ or ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. I’m afraid it will be met with a polite decline at best and the delete button at worst. We want to know why you have applied specifically to AliKats and why you would be a good fit for our company.

So if you are interested in applying, or know someone else who is, and you remember all the above when applying to us – we can promise that we will respect your application and fully consider you for a role as an AliKats chalet host. We are recruiting now so get cracking if you are keen!