November 25, 2015

The Christmas dinner countdown begins!

Whether you’re a frequent cook or new to the kitchen, the pressure of creating one of the most important family meals of the year can be enough to send anyone’s head in a spin (and that’s before you’ve started on your favourite Christmas tipple). Luckily for you, here at AliKat’s we have years of experience in bringing together all the elements that make a wonderful Christmas dinner.

We know the key is to start preparation early and to draw up a plan for the big day when timings can get complicated. We’ve designed a Christmas dinner cheat sheet to help you do just that, so when the day finally arrives you can wear your widest Christmas grin and bathe in the compliments of friends and relatives as you serve up a feast fit for Santa himself.

Either click here or on the picture above to download as a pdf. You can then print it out and pin it up in your kitchen!