January 20, 2016

La Crapahute Morzine review: an evening in a wintery wonderland

To thank our team of chalet hosts for all their hard work so far this winter, we took them to La Crapahute, an advanced-booking-only restaurant hidden away in the middle of a snowy winter wonderland near Morzine. If you haven’t been before, you should. Here is why we loved it so much…

After a 10 minute drive from Morzine up the Vallee de la Manche through heavy snow, the road could take us no further. Leaving the vans at the side of the road, we switched our head torches on and trudged up through deep snow in the forest for 15-20 minutes until we heard the music calling us from the restaurant. Upon first site, it is like the equivalent of seeing an oasis in a desert. Warm, cosy, tucked away off the beaten track, we were greeted by owner & chef Mark Dalton, a very amiable chap with a natural flair for hosting. We were instantly made to feel welcome and it wasn’t long before a drink was in everyone’s hands. La Crapahute is booked on an exclusive basis in advance only for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25. The food is good quality traditional Savoyard ordered in advance and the choice is Pierrade, Tartiflette, Fondue or Raclette. The price is 38-42 euros per person depending on the menu choice and includes unlimited beer, wine & soft drinks.

Between main course and desert (Tarte Tatin) we all headed out for a few rounds of sledging. Speed isn’t easy to achieve in heavy snow (probably a good thing!) so instead we built a kicker and had a lovely landing in the soft stuff at the bottom.

Then we were back to the warmth of the fire for a few of Mark’s brain teasers (see photos below) before heading home to bed

Verdict: It’s a bit more effort to get there and back compared to a Morzine restaurant but it’s great value for money that gives you a standout experience you are not likely to forget.