March 22, 2016

Why the world would be a better place if the World leaders in Davos went skiing instead of sitting in meetings



The World Economic Forum Annual meeting is currently underway in Davos, Switzerland. Each year, some of the world’s top leaders come together to ‘share insights and innovations on how best to navigate the future’. The WEF is a fantastic institution and the agenda of the annual meeting at Davos each year is clearly worthy. However, the real value of the Davos meeting is as the world’s most high profile networking event. World Leaders come together to build relationships with people they would not otherwise see face-to-face. They are then able to utilize those relationships when they are back in their own companies & countries in the future.

But how much better would those relationships be if, instead of sitting in meeting rooms and hotel bars, they went out and hit the slopes of Davos! There is loads of fresh snow in the Alps at the moment, as you can see from the pictures of the snow-laden trees in the background of the news reports, and they would be having an AMAZING time if they used their location a bit better. Everyone who has been skiing knows how bonding sharing a chair lift and skiing on perfect snow can be. The stronger the bond, the more likely people are to co-operate together in the future and the more the world’s leaders co-operate, the better the world would be for it.

Just an idea…


Fun in the snow