March 24, 2016

Find out why ‘1.43’ and ’33’ are our 2 favourite numbers of the week

How many companies do you know who even have 1 favourite number of the week? Let alone 2 of them. That’s just how we roll at AliKats HQ.

Firstly, 1.43 represents another milestone in the British pound’s ever strengthening recent history. Holidays in Morzine are now 20% cheaper than they were 2 years ago. There is nothing bad about that.


Obviously, some of you will be thinking that I have chosen 33 because it is the age Jesus died and I have been told that I look a bit like Jesus. You would be incorrect. 33 is important because it is the temperature we are going to enjoy on Thursday. In fact, for the forecastable future, we have got temperatures in the early 30s to look forward to. There is nothing bad about that either.