September 1, 2016

Feeling flush? How about a helicopter transfer?

While we’re quite at home with a good old fashioned minivan, we’re all for providing guests with a wide range of travel options.

So for those inclined or feeling especially flush, there is always the option to start your holiday with the exhilarating alpine views and heady heights of a fully-fledged helicopter transfer!

Whitetracks specialises in just that, offering helicopter transfers to and from all the major airports, smaller airfields, and ski resorts across the French Alps. You can even pick between a range of helicopters: single or twin engine, comfort or prestige.

Eurocopter AS355 'Squirrel' Helicopter Transfers Morzine
Eurocopter EC130 B4 - Helicopter Transfers Morzine

A wide choice of different helicopters is available, if you’re feeling picky…!

A helicopter transfer from Geneva Airport to Morzine takes just 20 minutes. And while this may compare favourably vs. the 2-hour journey time by road (weather and traffic permitting), with a cost per head of around €375, it’s certainly not for those on a budget!

Do you need it? Definitely not. Could it be an amazing way of kicking-off your trip? Absolutely!

Side-mounted utility baskets - Helipcopter Transfers Morzine

Side-mounted utility baskets come in handy for
bulkier items like skis and snowboards.

Share a ride

Or if you are travelling as a pair, how about sharing the cost of the transfer with other passengers?

Two passengers sharing with two or three others can half their cost per head by paying per seat, rather than per helicopter.

This cuts the price down to something slightly less excessive, and perhaps even into ‘very special gift’ territory for someone you’re looking to impress.

Prestige interior – helicopter transfers Morzine

If you’re going to hire a private helicopter, you might as well
go all-out and go for the ‘prestige’ interior…

We think we’ll stick to the minivan! But if you are on the fence and could use a sampler, check out this beautiful pilot’s-eye-view helicopter flight over the alps.