September 7, 2016

Why we are changing our name to AliKats Hygge Holidays *



You may have seen in the press that Denmark is the world’s happiest country and one of the apparent keys to their happiness is the essential ritual of Hygge. Hygge loosely translates as cosiness and is all about a feeling of wellbeing, about enjoying life, whether through time spent with close friends or family, sitting by a fire with a hot chocolate, or putting on warm socks and dry clothes after a rainstorm.

We had always known these activities were excellent things to do but it wasn’t until reading this story in the last couple of weeks that we realized this was a ‘thing’. And it’s a thing with a great name too… Hygge (pronounce Heur-gah we are told)

The more we read about Hygge, the more we realize that we should probably rename our company to Alikats Hygge Holidays. Because it’s pretty much exactly what we do.

Take the Telegraph’s description of Hygge for example:

  • Sitting round an open fire is Hygge – CHECK!
  • Candlelit Dinner with friends is Hygge – CHECK!
  • Freshly baked cakes are Hygge – CHECK!
  • Sipping hot chocolate in warm thick socks is Hygge – CHECK!
  • The list goes on and we CHECK pretty much every box

In an era where every other lifestyle design trend is about abstinence and excess reduction, Hygge’s is the complete opposite. It’s all about indulgence with close friends and family and that is pretty much our raison d’etre

We can’t wait for wait for the winter now…


* We are not really going to change our name. For one thing, we have just ordered loads of new branded stationery**

** We don’t have any branded stationery. Who actually has branded stationery these days?

*** Time to stop this now