August 9, 2019

Gourmet Grill Recipes: The Complete Series

If you’re feeling inspired from the tasty recipe videos we have been serving up on social media over the past six weeks, you can now view the complete Gourmet Grill series. See all five recipe videos below, which will show you how to create a delicious feast of smoky flavours and colourful plates, starting with our showstopping Cote du Boeuf cooked ‘dirty’ (straight on the coals).

This is a really great menu full of Mediterranean flavours, seasonal vegetables and juicy meat that is perfect for enjoying with friends on a summer’s afternoon. What’s more, we have carefully designed the menu to ensure your grilling session runs smoothly, with plenty of time to prep and enjoy a beer or two. All you need to do now is send out the invites!

Recipe 1/5 Cote du Boeuf

Ultra-tender Cote du Boeuf smothered in a spicy marinade and cooked ‘dirty’ on the coals

Recipe 2/5: Smoky Baba ganoush

Scrumptious eastern Mediterranean dip made from grilled aubergines

Recipe 3/5 Griddled Courgette & Feta

Griddled courgettes with feta, pine nuts, red chilli and mint create a colourful side dish

Recipe 4/5: Perfect Pork Souvlaki 

Juicy, zesty and mouth-wateringly good, these Greek skewers are sure to become a BBQ favourite

Recipe 5/5: Flatbread 

Make your own flatbread from scratch with this easy recipe

Finally, if you need to boost your grill-master game don’t forget to watch Al’s top ten BBQ tips

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