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Sustainability Videos

Watch our videos about how we strive to reduce our impact on our environment and promote sustainable tourism in Morzine and the surrounding area





Making Organic Plant Feed Out of Nettles

How to put the nutrients in nettles to good use by creating an organic liquid plant feed.



How to make wood chip mulch at home

Organic mulch made from wood chips is great for the soil, safe for the environment and easy to make at home.







Powered by renewable energy

We’re excited that we can now share that all of our properties, including the chalets we run, our central kitchen and AliKats HQ, are powered by electricity from 100% renewable energy. In this video we show why we have chosen our energy to come specifically from river fed dams…



What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste homes, zero waste offices, zero waste hotels, zero waste communities: the term ‘zero waste’ is being used all the time, but what does it actually mean, and where do we begin? In this video, Al explains that Zero Waste should be seen as a ‘journey’, rather than a ‘destination’ and outlines what AliKats are doing on their way…..







Low carbon luxury chalets: how we are reducing our impact

A warm, welcoming chalet is essential on a skiing holiday, but keeping our chalets toasty and running essential appliances, as well as luxury ones, like hot tubs, uses a huge amount of energy, which can come at a cost to the environment.



How to compost meat without attracting rats!

Composting is a great step towards a greener lifestyle. It, not only, reduces food waste sent to landfill, and therefore cuts down the carbon footprint of your household or business, but it produces a nutritious, chemical-free fertiliser to feed your garden.







The Chicken Cycle

The food waste from our chalets feeds our chickens and provides nutrients for the soil in which we grow food which in turn feeds our guests. It’s a wonderfully efficient cycle!