Getting to Carbon Neutral

What is our climate action plan?

Our Climate Action Plan is a progressive 4-part model designed to help us reach carbon neutral by summer 2022, and then go beyond this to become a positive impact company. The key areas – measure, reduce, remove, and communicate – include our pledges for the coming year, which we will outline in our annual climate progress report. We do not claim to have all the answers, and we know we will make mistakes along the way, but we are aiming high because the planet is in crisis and an immediate response is needed to protect the environment for future generations to come.


We need to know where our emissions are coming from so we can understand how to reduce them. We will track how much CO2/CO2e our operations as a company emit in kg on an annual basis. This includes an estimate from all in-resort transport, accommodation, waste, and food provisions.

Pledge: Publish a transparent, carbon footprint analysis of all our operations annually, with the first
report finished and publicly shared on 1st July 2022. Use this report to set future reduction targets and to track progress to ensure our business will be on track for low-carbon growth.


The most crucial stage. We are continually searching for ways to reduce our footprint. Our company’s annual footprint analysis will provide a framework from which we can work across all areas of the business to identify new ways to go even further in reducing our carbon emissions.

2021 Pledges:

  1. Expand our fleet of electric vehicles
  2. Ensure all chalets are powered by renewable energy (we have just one chalet to go!)
  3. Measure waste across the business and set targets to reduce waste and divert from landfills and incinerators
  4. Further reduce the quantity of animal products on our menu and ensure that those we do include have a minimal impact on the environment and meet the highest animal welfare standards.
  5. Reduce emissions linked to air-travel. Help guests find alternative options and provide incentives for guests who choose train over plane. Reduce air travel by staff to resort. Support the Montagne Verte campaign to establish a commercial train line (The Alpine Express) between Lille and the North-Alps, by increasing the demand for train travel to Morzine.
  6. Audit key areas of the business based on the 2021 annual carbon report to identify further ways to cut emissions



Reducing carbon emissions is the focus of our plan over mitigation, however there is no doubt that we will also need to invest in carbon off-setting projects to become carbon neutral. Planting trees is no longer enough. We also need to help protect the communities, biodiversity and landscapes which play such a vital role in removing the carbon we emit.
We are looking at 4 core areas:

  • Renewable energy technology
  • Carbon capture technology
  • Tackling deforestation
  • Community initiatives (local and global)

2021 Pledge: Identify credible climate companies and schemes to work with to off-set our carbon emissions based on the core areas we have identified.



This final part of our action plan is all about communication and collaboration, as we aim for a unified response to the climate crisis across the ski, and wider tourism sector. It is about transparency and authenticity; sharing failings and celebrating victories; propelling positive change and not wasting valuable time – so we can make the progress that so urgently needs to be made.

2021 Pledges:

  1. Communicate the progress of our climate initiatives and ensure our plans are evolving continuously based on learning and sharing
  2. Celebrate the green wins of partners and friends in the travel and mountain sports sector through our Green Conversations blog post series
  3. Join over 250 travel organisations, companies, and professionals to declare a climate emergency as part of The Tourism Declares movement, to accelerate the
    decarbonisation of the travel and tourism industry.
  4. As founding members of the Conseil D’Administration, continue to champion the work of Montagne Verte, a non-profit association to develop solutions for the region of Morzine to reduce its environmental impact
  5. You can find more information on our Climate Action Plan in our FAQs section