October 5, 2014

Our modern twist on a classic Savoyard dish for next winter…

It has always been important to me to use local ingredients whenever possible and so for one of this season’s starters, I decided that I wanted to take a typical Savoyard dish and give it fun and modern twist. You can’t get much more Savoyard than a Tartiflette which graces the menu of pretty much every restaurant in the Haute Savoie.


It is a dish consisting of sliced potatoes, bacon and onions cooked in cream with huge dollops of the most famous of the local cheeses, Reblochon, melted on top. It is extremely delicious and perfect hearty fare when skiing in cold weather but also a bit too heavy for a sophisticated evening meal.
So also inspired by Ottollenghi’s potato, shallot and goats cheese tatin, I created the Tartiflette tatin and topped it off with a Reblochon icecream.  The end result has all the essential elements working harmoniously together. The flaky pastry, salty bacon, sweet and tangy shallots all liven up the potatoes and provide a warm and tantalising base for the savoury icecream as it slowly melts.

The fun bit for me is that as far as I can tell, a Reblochon icecream has never been done before! If you’d like to try this dish, along with all the others I am working on then you’ll just have to come and stay in one of our three beautiful chalets this winter…