Holistic mountain retreats for the perfect reset

Holistic mountain retreats

Our Morzine retreats are aimed at people looking to take time and make space to consider their future

AliKats has teamed up with Great Heights Pathways to offer fully catered, holistic mountain retreats based in Morzine, France.

Press pause on the everyday. Immerse yourself in nature. Work with a life and leadership coach to support you through challenge and change. Tune inwards with yoga and meditation. Allow our mountain guides to take you beyond the beaten path. Nourish yourself with seasonal, delicious food from some of the best chefs in the Alps. Let us take care of you every step of the way.

Back to Nature

Inspired by nature’s power to connect us with what really matters, these are our seasonal, personal growth experiences, open to all.​

For those at a crossroads or simply in need of a reset, these retreats are designed to bring you into back into balance, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and others and find your place in the wilderness.​

Bespoke for Business

Our answer to your need for meaningful offsite connection, our bespoke business experiences allow teams to express their fullest potential.

Businesses are navigating new ways to make hybrid working work. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to bringing teams together to cultivate meaning, connection and impact, we have an answer in our Bespoke for Business mountain retreats.


“We just finished a wonderful weekend with Great Heights Pathways. Get out of your comfort zone and daily routine by embracing nature and yourself. A weekend of companionship and self-reflection. A valuable experience for everyone!”

Jake, Financier, 50, London


Back to Nature

Inspired by nature’s power to connect us with what really matters, these are our seasonal, personal growth experiences, open to all. Find out what to expect in each of the four seasons...​

Bespoke for business

Our answer to your need for meaningful offsites, our bespoke business experiences allow teams to get away from the daily grind and express their fullest potential. We design around each client’s specific needs, but here’s a flavour of what we offer…​

“I went into the weekend with an open mind, open heart, ready for whatever the elements and Caitlin had in store for us. I wasn’t disappointed by either! It was truly a ‘working out’ for body, mind and soul – revitalising to the core. The exercises Caitlin facilitated gave me new perspectives from which to interrogate my personal and work life and the yoga connected the physical to the elemental in the most perfect way. I loved connecting with the other women on board and hope to stay in touch. I feel nourished from the time in nature, new connections and delicious journey from beginning to end. Thank you Caitlin!”

Tara, Business Founder, 33, London


Who we are

Born over storytelling around a dinner party table, AliKats and Great Heights Pathways founders discovered their shared belief that immersing ourselves in nature is what truly reminds us to quiet the day-to-day demands, tune into what matters and navigate life’s adventures. ​Now, we want to create and share these immersive, personal development experiences with you.


A rough-and-tumble Canadian, I was raised on a 100-acre farm in rural Ontario. Time spent wandering through rugged landscapes, swimming in wild waters and riding horses was how my appreciation for nature, space and adventure was born. For me, that connection to the wilderness is essential and lives deeply in my bones.

As an adult, however, I did what I thought grown-ups were supposed to do: I moved to big cities (Montreal, Edinburgh & London), earned degrees from prestigious universities (BASc, MSc & PhD) and spent over a decade developing a “proper career” in business consulting. This time of study and professional development was important – it satisfied my inner geek that’s always thought about what makes people tick (I studied life sciences, philosophy and sociology) and then I got to turn knowledge into tangible impact by helping people in influential companies to innovate and grow. This chapter of my work-life demanded curiosity, rigour and it often felt quite thrilling, as I bounced between big challenging projects, sensitive people and culture issues and clients that took me around the globe. But in 2019, I was exhausted, sick of travel and utterly unbalanced in my attempts to keep the plates of a demanding job and motherhood spinning. I burned out.

Then, I returned to nature as the best place I knew to recover, find my resilience and rediscover my creativity. In freeing myself from the hamster wheel, I pushed my boundaries, built new skills, connected with different communities and reflected on my purpose. In doing so, I found that my passions, skills and values could all work together and my way forward felt clear. Now, through Great Heights Pathways, my goal is to walk with others who are called onto their own personal paths of discovery and fulfilment.

I’ve been coaching and mentoring for six years. I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, having completed my qualifications with one of the most internationally renowned coaching educators, the Co-Active Training Institute. Moreover, I’m a committed, life-long learner of the philosophies and practices that support human flourishing – constantly adding a diverse set of leadership, mindfulness and embodiment tools to my work.

I now live in a quiet hamlet in the French Alps with my husband, daughter, dog, chickens and fruitful garden.

For more on Caitlin and her business, visit www.greatheightspathways.com 


Al is the co-founder and Managing Director of AliKats. His “Why” is to be free to build creative collaborations that celebrate the beautiful place he lives and positively improve his local and global communities. With climate change warming the Alps twice as fast as the global average, he helped launch the charity Montagne Verte, a brand new concept for leading environmental change funded by the community it serves.


Kat is the other co-founder and Managing Director of AliKats. She is on a mission to learn new ways to develop a nurturing environment which celebrates and protects the beautiful place she lives. She gathers people together, feeds them mentally and physically stimulating food and builds communities of interest around her passions. She is also on the board of trustees for Montagne Verte



 We work with local experts to deliver well-rounded programmes that engage you on mind-body-and-soul levels. From trauma-informed yoga, meditation and Qi Gong experts like Ursula, to experienced mountain guides and forest bathing practitioners like Simone, plus massage therapists, alternative health practitioners and more.