Why do we do what we do?

To create joyful experiences and build creative collaborations that protect and celebrate the beautiful place we live and positively contribute to our local and global communities

Our mission

We imagine a world where hospitality becomes a inspiring force for good by delivering experiences that are truly sustainable, enrich local communities and are provided by teams of talented people who love what they do


Find out more about each of us below…

Meet Al & Kat

After a decade of making dens and climbing trees through the 80s, the following 10 years were spent negotiating our respective ways through gruelling exams (which we do not miss one little bit). After emerging into the adult world we did everything we could to avoid the inevitable by going travelling. Eventually we gave in, and Kat pursued a career in media sales while Al entered consultancy. We met in October 2006 and were engaged less than 3 months later. After an amazing season as chalet hosts in Morzine in 2010 we realised this was the life for us. Our life running AliKats has been incredible, made even more so by the birth of our gorgeous children Ivy, Wilf & Albie!

Meet Rowena

Having worked in Morzine some, hmmm… 30 years ago I fell in love with the area. My passion for the mountains and way of life kept drawing me back. Now, some hmmm… 30 years later, having followed my dream working / eating / drinking my way around the world, I finally ditched the corporate life and I am happily settled in the mountains with my 2 kids, cat and chickens. Every day is a pleasure to watch the sun rise and set on the hills around me. Why wouldn’t I want to help you experience this magic!

Meet Ash

I'm still here! In fact, I have hung around so much that Al & Kat thought I might as well be a permanent fixture, so I've settled down and bought a house in the area. I count myself very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world! You will have probably received an email from me at some point but I hope I get to meet you all as I move around the resort. I wish you all a lovely holiday whilst you’re being looked after by our fantastic team in our beautiful chalets. Bonnes vacances!

Meet Rachelle

Hey, I’m Rachelle. In a nutshell, I love creating things. I love cooking, I love sewing, I love DIY-ing, I love crafting, and I love learning what other people are passionate about. You probably won’t see me much during your stay but if you can’t find me in the kitchen, I’ll probably have my head in a flower somewhere or be lost half way up a mountain.

Meet Joe

Eyup! My name is Joe and I'm a Yorkshire man born ‘n’ bred. And, if you have ever met a Yorkshire man before, you know we love good food, good company and a warm hearth –yes, we are basically hobbits!

Meet Kazia

After spending several snowboarding holidays falling in love with Morzine my husband Dan and I decided this was where we wanted to be, so we made the move out here last winter . This will be my first season hosting with Alikats and I’m excited to be working with some great people in a beautiful chalet. I feel lucky to be living in such an amazing part of the world surrounded by mountains and can’t wait to share that with you.

Meet Dan

With a passions for snowboarding and all things mountain based I am very much looking forward to hitting the slopes again. This season I can’t wait to be chalet hosting for Alikats alongside my wonderful wife Kazia, it’s going to be a great winter!!!

Meet Aimee

As a yoga instructor in Devon I spent the last year or so at home with family and friends, trying to persuade as many of them as I can to Downward-dog with me (that’s a yoga pose if you were wondering). I spent years travelling the world and thought I was ready to finally settle down. Turns out I was hugely wrong and just a year later I find myself with itchy feet and ready to brave the snow with my best friend and partner in crime, Mark. I cant wait to meet you and spend the season with AliKats!

Meet Mark

I have been Gym Manager, Personal trainer and fitness instructor at a Gym in Devon for the last 8 years. This summer I converted a van into a somewhat cosy camper which will be my trusted travel companion (oh and Aimee) en route to Morzine this winter. This will be my first season with AliKats and I couldn’t be more excited to leave the usual grind behind in search of adventure. As well as hosting some wonderful people in a beautiful chalet, I can’t wait to face new challenges, eat good food and hit the slopes... race you to the bottom!

Meet Rob

Being a lifetime lover of the great outdoors, driving, and especially sliding down snowy mountains on a board, it seemed like a brilliant idea to apply for a driving job in Morzine with AliKats back in 2018 and leave my office job behind, and to my amazement I got the gig! Fast forward to 2021 and I'm back for my third run. Without sounding too "fromage", it’s been the most fulfilling role I have ever worked, made some incredible friends along the way and it has firmly reignited my passion for a life in the mountains; A truly life-altering experience

Meet Hector

Hector is the youngest member of the AliKats team but is very keen to learn. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious and he can often be found urging the team on with encouraging barks. While Hector has never skied or snowboarded before, he is hoping to find his feet on the snow this season. He is also very much looking forward to meeting our wonderful guests.

A few of our team videos