Our exceptional team

Enthusiastic, fun-loving, friendly and remarkably well-travelled, the crew aboard the good ship AliKats are a stellar bunch. It feels like a family here and, like any family, each member brings something special to the group. Their aim is to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and we can’t wait to welcome you into our fold during your stay.

Meet Al & Kat

After a decade of making dens and climbing trees through the 80s, the following 10 years were spent negotiating our respective ways through gruelling exams (which we do not miss one little bit). After emerging into the adult world we did everything we could to avoid the inevitable by going travelling. Eventually we gave in, and Kat pursued a career in media sales while Al entered consultancy. We met in October 2006 and were engaged less than 3 months later. After an amazing season as chalet hosts in Morzine in 2010 we realised this was the life for us. The last 7 seasons with Alikats have been incredible, made even more so by the birth of our gorgeous children Ivy, Wilf & Albie!

Meet Will

Back again! This will be the fifth year I have been working with Al and Kat in some way or another – chalet host, staff trainer, in-house designer, blogger, child wrangler, dog walker and general helper outer. This year I will once again be waist-deep in the glamorous world of Office Admin, firing off emails at the same rate that Trump fires off tweets – and only slightly less likely to start an international incident...

Meet Rowena

Having worked in Morzine some, hmmm… 30 years ago I fell in love with the area. My passion for the mountains and way of life kept drawing me back. Now, some hmmm… 30 years later, having followed my dream working / eating / drinking my way around the world, I finally ditched the corporate life and I am happily settled in the mountains with my 2 kids, cat and chickens. Every day is a pleasure to watch the sun rise and set on the hills around me. Why wouldn’t I want to help you experience this magic!

Meet Ash

So, we’re still here! In fact, Paul and I have hung around so much that Al & Kat thought we might as well have a permanent position as Resort Managers and stay all year round! I am so grateful to have been absorbed into the AliKats family and we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I hope I get to meet you all as I move around the resort and wish you all a lovely holiday while you’re being looked after by our fantastic team, in our beautiful chalets. Bonnes vacances!

Meet Paul

Hello everyone. This is my third year working for AliKats and, after a variety of roles, I am now Resort Manager. I will be popping in to all the chalets on a daily basis (for work purposes obviously – the cake and coffee is just a bonus) and I will be happy to help make your holiday better in any way I can. Alternatively, if you see a pile of limbs on the slopes, that will probably be me so come and say hello! I look forward to seeing you all in this beautiful part of the world.

Meet Rachelle

This will be my first season in Morzine, along with my partner in crime and van compadre, Joe. For me there’s nothing better than just getting out there into nature and exploring. I’m partial to foraging for wild food (don’t worry – I won’t slip any funky mushrooms into your stroganoff!) and love bringing nature, the comforts of good food and good chats together. I can't wait to spend the season hosting and hanging out with brilliant, like-minded people. Although I've snowboarded a grand total of once, I'm crazy excited to spend a lot of time sliding down those beautiful mountains on my bum.

Meet Joe

Hey! My name is Joe and I'm a Yorkshire man born ‘n’ bred. And, if you have ever met a Yorkshire man before, you know we love good food, good company and a warm hearth –yes, we are basically hobbits! I have spent the past year preparing to live in a van with my partner, Rachelle, and this is our starting point – to live in the mountains before we head further afield in search of sea, surf and adventure. I cannot wait to meet you all.

Meet Sammy

For the past few years, my partner Steve and I have created a lifestyle of living, working, and travelling around the globe. Coming from the snow in New Zealand’s South Island, this will be our first full year of winter and I’m so excited to continue the adventure with AliKats! Canadian born and raised, but now based in Scotland, I love everything outdoors – from snowboarding in the winters to hiking in the summers. I can’t wait to chat with you all over a pint. Cheers!

Meet Steve

Growing up on the skifields, I would never have imagined being able to continue my passion for skiing by working winter seasons around the globe with my partner, Sammy. From the land down under, to the backcountry of New Zealand’s South Island, to water-skiing in Canada and hiking around my native Scottish Highlands, it’s been an incredible adventure – and I’m so excited to continue that adventure with AliKats this season! Can’t wait to meet you all.

Meet Bridie

After more than a decade in London, this Aussie girl has decided to leave the grind behind and head to the slopes of Morzine. Relatively late to skiing, I’ve fallen head-over-heels for it and everything that comes with the experience. With years of hospitality and event management experience, my friends would describe me as the ultimate organiser – someone who loves to bring people together with great food, wine, conversation and all-round good vibes. I’m super excited to be working with AliKats this season!

Meet Sarah

I have been travelling and doing seasonal work most of my life and have finally made it back to the snowy mountains. Woohoo! I have a passion for baking and all things sweet, and I’m very excited to be working with the AliKats team this winter. I can’t wait to pick up some new skills and learn from some great chefs. I’m a Cornish lass who can’t surf – I know, shocking – but I’m determined to improve my snowboarding this winter so I can swap seamlessly to surfing in the summer. That's how it works, right?

Meet Robyn

After spending most of my life in South East Asia, I have always wanted to live in a country with snow and this year hosting with AliKats has made this dream come true! I have been an avid skier and snowboarder since I was a child and my husband, Tom, and I have explored ski slopes in Japan, New Zealand, Korea and France – and we look forward to adding more runs to the list! Our travels are inspired by our love of food and drink and we cannot wait to share this passion with you this season. Hopefully we can throw in a board game or two along the way!

Meet Tom

My wife, Robyn, and I have ditched the tropics of Singapore for the snowy mountains of Morzine this season. I’m from south London and a loyal Crystal Palace fan, so go easy on me. Hosting with AliKats, I look forward to sharing my love of food, wine, snowboarding and entertaining with you this coming season. I know you will have the most amazing stay with us and I’m excited to meet you all!

Meet Breda

This is my first year working a ski season and to say I’m excited is an understatement! Three years ago, I took a break from my job as a teacher in Ireland to travel the world and I’m loving the adventures. I enjoy the outdoors and meeting new people, so I can’t wait to start my new job as a chalet host. I’ve learnt so much since I left home and I’m looking forward to learning even more in Morzine!

Meet Andrew

After more than a year of travelling Australia and South America, and doing everything from mustering cattle on motorbikes in the outback to jet skiing across the Caribbean, I am now looking forward to the next part of the journey – the snowy slopes of Morzine. I love all outdoor activities but am also partial to a board game or two. Can't wait to meet you all soon!

Meet Leo

My world is an intriguing combination of adventure, music and food! After spending the last 8 months traveling through central America with my microphone, various music gear and Dan slowly melting alongside me, we decided to go back to our roots and dive face first into a mountain of snow! Originally from Devon, I have managed to visit many amazing countries over the last 8 years – but nothing quite compares to the fresh delights of the Alps. I come fully-laden with stories, a piano, and a desire to spend half my time in the kitchen...

Meet Dan

Home is where the heart is. I’ve learned first-hand that nothing compares to mountain living *cues Sinéad O'Connor* and I can’t wait to return to the Alps. Since my last season, I’ve experienced many terrains – office, beach, jungle – and will happily trade them all in for a lush, snowy peak. Grabbing a snowboard and heading to the top of a fresh mountain on a beautiful day has yet to be topped! And if you’re lucky enough to stay in our chalet, then I look forward to making your week an awesome one.

Meet Anna

This will be my first season with AliKats and I’m so excited! After growing up in Yorkshire, I’m looking forward to switching the rolling hills of the Dales for the snowy mountains of Morzine. I can’t wait to become part of the team, meet new people and try new things. It’s the start of my travels with my partner, Will, and I couldn’t think of a better adventure to be the start of our world voyage.

Meet Will M

I’m looking forward to swapping resource making and class timetables for the clean, bright slopes of Morzine. I’ve lived most of my life in the north of England and Scotland and absolutely love the great outdoors. If I could live off fresh air and good company I would! I can’t wait to work with the AliKats team this season before jetting off on a year of travel and adventure!

Meet Danielle

I have made a career in retail, more specifically ladies’ fashion, combined with a peppering of hospitality jobs during my time travelling. I have a love of first lifts, great food, the odd glass of Sauv and, more bizarrely, sleeping in the back of campervans. This season provides me (and Gaz) with a societal trapdoor from the 9-5 (mostly 7-9) and, just like Freddie, we're breaking free (minus the leather and hoover)!

Meet Gaz

During my short but colourful life, I have used the service industry as a compass and, ultimately, a backbone to travel the world. I have been fortunate enough to call four countries home at various stages and have aimlessly wandered many more, being inspired by the beauty and the people of the world. Along with my wife, Danielle (the Robin to my Batman and sometimes the Rodney to my Del), I share a love of camp fire sing-songs, road trippin’ and sunsets. But where we find our happiness at its peak, is in the snow.

Meet Rob

Having worked in a multitude of different careers over the years – a visual effects artist, delivery driver, vehicle appraiser and, briefly, a postman – I thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and started chasing my dreams. The mountains, skiing and snowboarding have always been a passion for me but, for various reasons, I have not had the opportunity to work a season until now. I am incredibly grateful and exited to be joining AliKats this season and am looking forward to meeting you all.

Meet Lloyd

Usually, I would not be found so far from the coast as my choice of board is normally made for surf. But, believing the key to life is variety, I carved a way to the mountains. However, I have been on snow before. As a boy I strapped bicycle tubes to a British Gas board and flew down a mushy hill, hit a rabbit mound and was sent shrieking into a bush. As an adult, on real skis, I spent an entire day desperately doing the snow plough as children whizzed by! I shall, in Morzine, triumph over the mountain!

Meet John

I’ve lived in the alps for 5 years now. I came to do a winter season here and fell in love with the mountains and quality of life. Now I have a lovely baby girl called Ana-Lucia who fills my days with joy – what a place for her to grow up! I am looking forward to a great season full of snow, good times and, of course, some lovely food!

Meet Lee

I have been a chef for the past 14 years, working my way around some of England’s best landscapes. I finally made the decision to travel abroad and, after some great recommendations, found AliKats and the chance to experience the slopes of Morzine. Being a big fan of freshly cooked food, it was great to find a company that is so passionate about the food they produce. I’m looking forward to the great opportunity I’ve been given and to trying out my skiing skills… though, after just two ski lessons back at home, I might end up spending most of my time on the nursery slopes!

Meet Hector

Hector is the youngest member of the AliKats team but is very keen to learn. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious and he can often be found urging the team on with encouraging barks. While Hector has never skied or snowboarded before, he is hoping to find his feet on the snow this season. He is also very much looking forward to meeting our wonderful guests.

A few of our team videos