Our exceptional team

Enthusiastic, fun-loving, friendly and remarkably well-travelled, the crew aboard the good ship AliKats are a stellar bunch. It feels like a family here, and like any family each member brings something special to the group. Their aim is to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and we can’t wait to welcome you into our fold during your stay.

Ali & Kat

Meet Al & Kat

After a decade of making dens and climbing trees through the 80s, the following 10 years were spent negotiating our respective ways through gruelling exams (which we do not miss one little bit). After emerging into the adult world we did everything we could to avoid the inevitable by going travelling. Eventually we gave in, and Kat pursued a career in media sales while Al entered consultancy. We met in October 2006 and were engaged less than 3 months later. After an amazing season as chalet hosts in Morzine in 2010 we realised this was the life for us. The last 7 seasons with Alikats have been incredible, made even more so by the birth of our gorgeous children Ivy, Wilf & Albie!

Meet Will

Back again! This will be the fifth year I have been working with Al and Kat in some way or another – chalet host, staff trainer, in-house designer, blogger, child wrangler, dog walker and general helper outer. This year I will once again be waist-deep in the glamorous world of Office Admin, firing off emails at the same rate that Trump fires off tweets – and only slightly less likely to start an international incident...

Meet Rowena

Having worked in Morzine some, hmmm… 30 years ago I fell in love with the area. My passion for the mountains and way of life kept drawing me back. Now, some hmmm… 30 years later, having followed my dream working / eating / drinking my way around the world, I finally ditched the corporate life and I am happily settled in the mountains with my 2 kids, cat and chickens. Every day is a pleasure to watch the sun rise and set on the hills around me. Why wouldn’t I want to help you experience this magic!

Meet Ash

I’m back for my third year working for AliKats and I’m so excited! I love the slightly nomadic lifestyle I lead along with my husband Paul and our new addition, Shankly the wonder puppy, who you will hopefully get to meet from time to time! I’m confident we can provide your best holiday ever here in beautiful Morzine and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Meet Paul

This will be my third winter working for AliKats. I was a host in Ferme a Jules last year but this year I will be driving for all of the chalets, so there’s a chance I’ll get to meet you all at some point! I am going to attempt snowboarding in my time off, but you'll be glad to hear my driving is a lot better than my boarding (right Al?). You will all probably see me floating about throughout your stay so if there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask.

Meet Mark

Our second season with AliKats and I can’t wait! I am passionate about baking, cooking, skiing and drumming. Always keen to try something new, I have been working as a film extra over the Summer! I’m looking forward to driving you around the beautiful Portes du Soleil valleys and seeing you on the slopes.

Meet Caroline

Well, what more can I say other than we’re back for a second season – yaaay!! And we’ve brought our lovely dog – double yaaay!! What a life this is… our grown-up kids are all happy... so, the parents are leaving home again!

Meet Caz

I fell in love with skiing and the mountains when I was 14. I fell in love with food when I was 7. I am super excited to be joining the AliKats team this year and hope to make the most of every single moment. If I get the chance to have some singalongs that would be great too! I love most things physical, practical or just fun! Looking forward to learning heaps in such a beautiful place.

Meet Trent

Back home in the land down under, finding the perfect wave to surf can be a challenge and a long wait between rides – so to have the snow at my feet to ride all day long is a dream come true. After meeting Penny in Central America, my appetite for travel is fully fuelled! This new opportunity definitely beats digging a trench as a plumber when I can be digging snow as a chalet host. You might see me flying down the mountain – or maybe sliding down on my back!

Meet Penny

I am super excited for this ski season and have left the Australian heat behind to embrace a cold winter in the Alps. I said au revoir to my regular life as a Radiographer to travel and experience the cultures of the world. I was only 3 years old when I first skied and have absolutely loved the snow ever since. For the majority of my life I trained as a gymnast, so who knows, by the end of the season I might be doing back flips down the mountain!

Meet Brad

I’m swapping the white sandy beaches of sunny Sydney for the beautiful snowy mountains of Morzine this season. Words might not be able to express just how excited I am for the experience, but I'm sure my ear-to-ear smile will tell the story. Growing up with two brothers meant sports and more sports – if we weren’t training, we were hitting cricket balls around the backyard or kicking footballs out the front. I ran a successful electrical business in Sydney up until early 2017 when my amazing girlfriend, Sam, brought out my passion for adventure and travel. We began to globetrot the world and now, 16 countries down, I cannot wait to be living in this one!

Meet Sam

My love for travel and adventure makes it very hard for me to keep my feet grounded in one place for too long and I am constantly searching for new opportunities all around the globe. Splitting my year between superyachting and ski resorts now provides me with the balance I crave between sun and snow, hard work and holidays. I hope that, with my experience, I can ensure that your holiday at AliKats is a memorable one. I look forward to seeing you on the snow!

Meet Lauren

It’s hard to say what made me want to quit my job making pizzas – maybe I just didn’t want to find cheese in my hair anymore – but anyway, here I am in beautiful, snowy Morzine! Being new to travelling and seasonal work in general, working for AliKats is the perfect way to start in my opinion. Despite the fact a camel would probably fair better in snow than me, I am excited to laugh my way down the slopes this season!

Meet Carla

After 12 years of working in an office, I decided there must be more to life than emails, spreadsheets and drinking endless cups of tea. I took up skiing lessons last year and thought what better way to broaden my horizons and improve my skiing than to get to grips with the mountains of Morzine. I love meeting new people and get a genuine pleasure from helping people out, so I’m here to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. I come with a touch of Scouse wit and humour and my favourite past time is having a good giggle!

Meet Harriet

I’m here in the French Alps because of my love of food and the mountains – what else is there to life? My CV was once described as erratic! I studied animal behaviour and welfare as a degree and then started working as a recruitment consultant for a luxury hospitality company. Having swiftly decided that office life was not for me, I escaped to the Alps and haven’t looked back since. This will be my fifth season as a chef, having also worked in Courchevel and Chatel. Whenever I come to work out here I always find the same free-spirited people and it makes me so happy.

Meet Maureen

After spending a couple of years observing tiny objects under a microscope, the world seemed so small – so I decided to embark on a journey to explore the world at large! I love travelling and try to visit at least two new destinations every year. I have learnt a few different skills during my travels but the one that got me completely hooked is cooking. It’s lovely to meet people from all corners of the world and I am excited to meet you. Come share a meal as we talk travel, culture and food!

A few of our team videos