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Working towards carbon neutrality: How our guests’ carbon contribution is making a difference

February 6th, 2024 Sustainability

If you’ve booked an AliKats holiday over the last year, you may remember a carbon neutrality transport contribution being added to the cost of your holiday. Here we explain why we introduced that contribution, what it amounted to and what it means for the planet.

Minimising our carbon footprint is the integral part of our climate action plan, as we methodically strive for carbon reduction within our company and supply chain. We track how much CO2/CO2e our operations as a company emit in kg on an annual basis, including in-resort transport, accommodation, waste and food production. This empowers us to find new solutions to reduce emissions across these areas, and where carbon reduction hasn’t been possible, allows us to calculate a carbon neutrality contribution. We work with GoodPlanet Foundation to calculate a contribution to be invested in a portfolio of carbon reduction projects. However, up until last year, emissions relating to guest travel – how our guests get to and from resort – was somewhat of a grey area.

Guest travel: the biggest emissions challenge

Whilst we had calculated our scope 1 and 2 emissions (direct emissions and those relating to purchased energy from a utility provider) since 2020; the emissions relating to guest travel provided a bigger challenge.

We do not book travel for our customers and, like most chalet companies, it’s not included in our package; but we could not ignore the fact that transport to resort is the biggest contributor when it comes to the emissions associated with any ski/mountain holiday. In fact, it’s predicted that transport to your chosen ski resort will account for at least half of the emissions caused by your holiday.

Last year, to facilitate a more complete contribution towards (global) carbon neutrality we introduced a carbon neutrality transport contribution, to give customers a chance to make their own contribution. We’d then invest this contribution into credible carbon reduction projects via our partners GoodPlanet Foundation.

How we calculated emissions associated with guest travel to and from resort

For an efficient process, we created an emissions calculation system that could be embedded into our booking system. We calculated the contribution at €9/person based on the average carbon emissions of a return flight from a European City to Geneva plus a return shared minibus transfer (c. 0.41 tonnes of CO2 per person for the return journey). This calculation is the same for adults and children and we added this contribution to the cost of our guests’ holidays at the time of booking. Guests can opt out of making a contribution if, for example, they have chosen to travel by more sustainable means, have already offset their travel emissions or would rather not pay it. We’ve been impressed that 85% of our guests opted in to make a contribution relating to their travel plans.

How our guests’ carbon contribution is making a difference

The emissions relating to our guests’ transport to and from resort for the year 2023, were estimated at 354,4 tonnes of CO2. An equivalent monetary contribution has now been calculated and received by GoodPlanet Foundation for these guest travel emissions, and AliKats direct emissions (scope 1 & 2), to invest in its projects – a total of 10,522€.

GoodPlanet Foundation field projects take action for the planet and its inhabitants. Its Action Carbon Solidaire Programme was created in 2006 with the aim of combating climate change by developing sustainable and economically viable alternatives to polluting activities, to the benefit of the most disadvantaged groups. These long-term projects, which include waste management and access to renewable energy, improve quality of life as well as avoiding thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Moving forward to reduce C02 emissions

In comparison to the 354,4 tonnes of CO2 emissions associated with guest travel, the emissions relating to the entire operation of our chalets amounted to 84 tonnes in 2023. This amount includes heating fuel, cooking gas, electricity, catering, and business transport, and can be seen in our climate report. These figures really highlight travel as the biggest contributor of emissions and the need to work together to reduce these emissions.

Choosing train or road over air travel will significantly reduce emissions, and we (and the wider resort) are finding ways to make this easier and more appealing. Our partners, Montagne Verte, have introduced the AlpinExpress Pass to provide exclusive discounts for people travelling by train to the mountains. As train travel may not always be the most affordable or fastest option, we’ve collaborated with local businesses to provide a wide range of discounts for your stay in Morzine. With discounts on ski passes, ski hire, ski lessons, transfers and activities across the resort, it is really worth checking these out. Find out more here.

When train or road travel isn’t an option, guests can continue to make a carbon neutrality transport contribution at the time of booking their AliKats holiday. We are extremely grateful to all our guests for working with us to reduce the impact of our mountain holidays.

If you are looking for a more sustainable chalet holiday, check out our portfolio of luxury chalets in Morzine. Our climate action plan, permaculture practices and our zero-waste philosophy for our chalets are all covered here.

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