Wellness & Mindfulness Retreats for Women

What do our mountain retreats involve

Our 4-night women’s wellness and mindfulness retreats are designed to help foster connection with yourself, others and nature. Located in Morzine in the mountains of the French Alps, you can expect stunning scenery; delicious, locally sourced, gourmet food; and movement that grounds and challenges in equal measure, from yoga and meditation to exhilarating mountain hikes and wild swimming.

Step away from daily life and give yourself a chance to focus on what’s important; allow yourself to spend a few precious days in nature practising mindfulness and set clear intentions for how to improve your wellness in the long term.

But these are no ordinary retreats…..

Breathtaking Scenery
Nourishing Gourmet Food
Immersive Coaching

Elevated Outlook Retreats


A new type of retreat for women.

Here’s where our experiences differ from your run-of-the-mill wellness retreat — you’ll be guided through the entire process by a professional life and leadership coach. This facilitator will work with you to ensure you return to your daily life with a clear path forward and a framework to achieve it.

This isn’t just a holiday.

It’s a carefully crafted and guided experience to help you align with both your inner purpose and the outer world — enabling you to move forward with intention.


Why go on our wellness & mindfulness retreat for women?

Whether it’s time to leave your job, pursue an entrepreneurial endeavour, or you need to redefine yourself after a life or relationship change; our retreats are designed to help you uncover new layers of wellbeing and inner purpose, whilst being surrounded by a circle of like-minded women.

Our women’s retreats involve solitary practices like journaling and meditation, as well as group experiences and coaching that deepen connection, understanding and shared support. You’ll experience beautiful scenery, nourishing food and a breadth of physical experiences: from exhilarating mountain hikes and wild swimming to the slow, grounding movements of yoga and Qi Gong.

Your coaching work with our professional life and leadership coach, Caitlin Cockerton, begins before the retreat; is deepened with one-to-one and group coaching throughout the experience; and is integrated with a post-retreat session, supporting you in the return to daily life. You will leave equipped with inner resources and resilience, a clear path forward and a framework to venture onwards.

Your Retreat Leader – Caitlin

With an academic background spanning biomedical sciences, philosophy and sociology; over a decade of business innovation consulting for some of the world’s most influential companies; and having founded her own coaching company, Caitlin’s ‘Why?’ is to understand what makes people tick and help them flourish in work and life.

Caitlin is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach whose approach weaves together personal development work, building our capacities as leaders and people in relationships, and our yearning to be in nature in order to discover our part in the world. She loves bringing together groups of people, in stunning natural environments for thought-provoking adventures that help them to reconnect with themselves, one another and the world around us. Her retreats leave people feeling clear, connected and committed to a meaningful and impactful way forward.

For more on Caitlin and her approach to coaching, visit www.greatheightspathways.com

Spring Awakening

5 Days / 4 Nights 22-26 May 2024

If a shift in work or life is urging you to sow fresh seeds, let nature remind you of the promise and potential of a new growing season.

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Summer Flourishing

5 Days / 4 Nights TBC June - July 2024

For those ready to walk into nature's alpine garden and bloom large among the wildflowers

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Autumn Harvest

5 days / 4 nights 9-13 Oct 24

At this time of year, nature reflects to us a bit of everything. This retreat is for those in momentous transition

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Winter Wonderland

5 Days / 4 Nights - January 2024 (Exact dates TBC)

Details coming soon

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Retreat stories

I have heard the term 'Spiritual Awakening' before, but never truly understood what it meant - until now.

Ksenia - Healthista Executive

Read Ksenias Story

Going on the spring awakening retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. I will never look at nature in the same way, thanks to Caitlin and the wonderful team at Alikats. I can't wait to return next year!!

Ellie Stevenson - Sustainability Manager

Read Ellie's Story

You have created a wonderful retreat with love and passion for people

Franziska Dinnis - Mathmetician

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Always Included

Seasonal, Nourishing, Gourmet


It is always our intention that the food we serve should be delicious, beautiful, nourishing, appropriately indulgent and always made from scratch using the best available ingredients. Local and seasonal produce is at the heart of every dish, for reasons of sustainability but also because it is pure joy to eat food when it is perfectly ripe and ready to eat!

We love to share the wild treasures that we gather on our walks through the woods and the fields along with produce growing in the AliKats’ kitchen garden and from our local farms and then create dishes which showcase their delicate individual flavours and also how harmoniously they can be work together. Foraged ingredients inspire many of our dishes and also go into our own home made tisanes, botanical syrups, kombucha and kefir. By eating what is growing on our doorstep we are following natures cues as to what our bodies need most in that moment.

Our retreats show how beautiful food can move with the rhythms of nature. 


Eating in harmony with the seasons also ensures we put vegetables at the centre of our menus and this is one of the most important things we can do for our own health and for the health of the planet. Every meal is full of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds and carefully chosen minimally processed dairy products from local farms.

We are mindful to provide you with the food that will  best fuel you for the day ahead. Breakfasts, lunches and snacks are designed to be cleansing, energising and sustaining in equal measure whereas the gourmet 3 course dinners are created to celebrate and honour the days discoveries, to spark delight and trigger conversation to help enhance the connection between the group.

The Perfect Location


If you’re looking for the wow factor, there is nothing more breathtaking than waking up to the sunrise over sweeping views of the valleys and mountains of the Alps.

Ferme à Jules is a beautifully converted farmhouse set in a peaceful Alpine valley near the resort of Morzine, in the Portes du Soleil mountain range, just 1.5 hours from Geneva airport


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