Elevated Outlook Retreats in Morzine

Press pause on the everyday. Immerse yourself in nature. Work with a life and leadership coach to support you through challenge and change. Tune inwards with yoga and meditation.

Allow our mountain guides to take you beyond the beaten path. Nourish yourself with seasonal, delicious food from some of the best chefs in the Alps. Let us take care of you every step of the way.


Being at altitude, surrounded by nature, with an awe-inspiring backdrop, our minds are freer, our souls clearer and the weight on our shoulders feels lighter.

Our retreats aim to compliment and improve on one of our planets most enriching offerings, supplementing the natural environment with a carefully tailored collection of experiences to optimise your adventure into something life changing

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Elevated Outlook


Breathtaking scenery

Nourishing gourmet food



Immersive Coaching

Destination Highlights



Hot Tub

Panoramic Views

Surrounded by nature

5 mins from the village of Morzine

Ensuite bedrooms

Balconies & outdoor seating

AliKats retreats are completely holistic. While Al and Kat provide plush beds and nutritious, vegetarian meals, Caitlin and Ursula challenge you to do inner work. Put this holistic retreat on your bucket list.

Evelyn van Hasselt, CEO of Holistik - May 2022


Luxury ensuite room

Pre- and Post-Retreat, 2hr, 1-1 Coaching session

Cooked and cold breakfast every day

Fresh picnic lunch and snacks

Afternoon tea with cakes, savouries

4 course meal carefully prepared to impress even the most –discerning gourmand.

Hot tub and sauna

Private chauffeur service

Committed service from the AliKats team

Daily Yoga/Meditation/Qi Gong

Guided walks & Forest bathing

Add-on services; Raki, massage, spa treatments, 1-1 coaching packages

Example Menu


Smoothie bowls (nettles, banana, mango, coconut yoghurt, soft boiled eggs.

baguettes, butter and preserves. home made yoghurt , compotes, fresh berries, granola, seed and nut toppers




Petit billy fresh goats cheese, beetroot & rocket on rye bread sandwiches

Afternoon Tea

Foraged nettle & lemon cupcakes with lavender frosting


Kombucha, herbal infusions, still or sparkling water, cucumber, mint and lemon water, alcohol free beer and other soft drinks


Satay seitan skewers

Aubergine croquettes, pickled garnishes, radish microherbs, plum sauce

Korean BBQ pulled mushroom bao bun (w/ kimchi, fresh cucumber, radishes; crispy shallots), coconut rice; carrot & cucmber salad with spicy dressing; coriander

White chocolate domes filled with matcha mousse and mango curd on almond, apricot and chilli sponge, sesame soil, mango ceviche, candied chilli torta, fresh mango, matcha ice crema; sesame oil, candied chilli

What to expect

Before you arrive

We start the experience with self-reflection exercises and a 2-hour pre-retreat coaching session with Caitlin where you’ll delve into the values and experiences that make you feel fully alive. You’ll set clear, personal intentions for your Summer Flourishing and prepare to bring your full self to the retreat.


A journey into the wild

Like all our Back to Nature retreats, this Summer Flourishing is a personal development experience that combines deep curiosity about your inner world with nature, movement, learning and human connection. It involves coaching conversations (1-1 and in group), hiking between 5– 20km per day, daily meditation and yoga, nourishing food, a luxurious place to call home and sharing stories among strangers who quickly become friends.

Expect to connect with your passions and values, to explore freely, to delight all the senses, and quite simply, to HAVE FUN!!!

An Inspired & Supported Way Forward​

All too often, the holiday-glow fades moments after we return to life as usual. Our Back to Nature retreats don’t end when you pack your bags and leave the chalet. ​

With integration homework, useful tools to deepen your outdoor reflection practice, an in-depth post-retreat coaching session and discounted ongoing offers, we continue to support you as you take your path forwards.​

Your retreat leader


A rough-and-tumble Canadian, I was raised on a 100-acre farm in rural Ontario.

I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, having completed my qualifications with one of the most internationally renowned coaching educators, the Co-Active Training Institute. Moreover, I’m a committed, life-long learner of the philosophies and practices that support human flourishing – constantly adding a diverse set of leadership, mindfulness and embodiment tools to my work.

For more on Caitlin and her approach to coaching, visit www.greatheightspathways.com


All guests must arrive in Chalet on May 11th by 4pm, when the programme begins. We will be organising a transfer leaving Geneva airport at around 1pm so your flight should land no later than 12pm in Geneva. Costs will depend on the number of people on the transfer.

On the return, we will be organising a transfer that leaves at 12pm so your flight should depart at 4pm at the earliest
Concierge Booking Service to help you plan.​

Bookings must be confirmed by late April but book early to avoid disappointment!​

‘Bring a friend’ discounts available on shared room basis.

Summer Simmer

22nd-26th June 2022

For those ready to walk into nature's alpine garden and bloom large among the wildflowers


Temperatures rise, the days stretch out and all living things open up to be energised by the sun. If you’re ready to take your bold and beautiful place in the vast, interconnected network of living things, let this summer experience call you into the wilderness. ​

Summer in the Alps is when the mountains gift us greater access, inviting us deeper to marvel and participant in their glory. At this time of year, we will climb higher, dare to try new things, cool off in lakes and rivers and bask in the present moment.​​

Autumn Harvest

12th - 16th October 2022

This retreat is for those in momentous transition

At this time of year, nature reflects to us a bit of everything – abundant resources, colourful celebration, loss, decay and transformation, daylight retreating, temperatures dropping. It is surely the time when we get to feel it all – gratitude, nostalgia, quiet contemplation and joyful steps into the unknown. ​

Autumn in the Alps does not disappoint. The cows descend the mountains, ringing in this time to ready ourselves for winter; the food gets richer and comforts us deeply after a day out in fresh air; and the colours are breathtaking

Bespoke for Business

Customised Corporate retreats and team building for business in the French Alps

Our answer to your need for meaningful offsites, our bespoke business experiences allow teams to get away from the daily grind and express their fullest potential. We can facilitate strategic planning workshops, facilitated problem solving, activity packed adventures ideal for team building or just a simple work-away to allow your team to flourish together

Get in touch to create a bespoke team experience

AliKats - Here to help

We are here to help so get in touch and we will respond as quickly as we can, often within a few hours

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