Russ' Story

Partner, T-Minus, London

It’s been the most incredible experience to be here in the mountains. At this time of year especially – it’s Spring. All around us is just this sense of new life and new growth which has been really pertinent for us as team – we’re thinking about our next phase of growth and what that means for us as a team. We’ve had the opportunity to do some really different activities. Doing Qi Gong and thinking about our energy and that of others. The opportunity to walk and talk together – to do coaching work and to learn things about ourselves and each other that we would have never done in the office, or just going for a coffee or out for dinner. Making that investment and having that quality time together has been brilliant. I just know we are going to get that back in spades from our team. If you combine those two things – care for yourself and care for others – then our future is going to take care of itself. I think we all feel a renewed sense of optimism and revitalised spirit that we’re going to achieve great things together.” –