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The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Morzine

March 8th, 2023 Food, Holiday Tips, Morzine

As head chef at Alikats, and a strong advocate of veggie and vegan cuisine, I’m always on the lookout for great food which is both delicious and inspiring. Now I know what you’re thinking – the French Alps don’t seem like a natural habitat for fantastic plant-based food – but things are changing.

Morzine is trailblazing a more progressive attitude towards food and the environmental sustainability of ski resorts in general. The result is some truly fantastic places to eat with veggie and vegan options that are often better than their meaty counter-parts.

From pizza to Pad Thai, fried to fermented; I’ve rustled up my collection of the six best restaurants in Morzine for vegetarian and vegan options. As well as serving the best plant-based food in town, they all also cater for meat-eaters, so there’s no excuse not to get stuck in!

Hideout Hostel, Rte des Udrezants (Morzine)

A big-hitter in Morzine, Hideout Hostel is renowned for its relaxed vibe and bold, punchy flavours. Inspired by Pan-Asian street food, it offers a range of small, tapas-style plates, Bao buns, and a few larger dishes.

Hideout is a foodie’s culinary playground because the tapas-style plates allow you to explore a wider range of dishes without having to undo your top button – well, that might be a bit of a lie, I’d still recommend wearing stretchy jeans!

Every meat dish on the menu can be substituted for a plant-based option, and most of the tapas dishes are vegan and vegetarian as standard. This is what makes Hideout so special: the veggie and vegan options feel like a priority, rather than an afterthought, and you can absolutely taste it. Our particular favourites are the satay seitan skewers; the Pad Krapow (a fragrant stir fry with vegan mince that tastes almost criminally rich) and the sesame broccoli. Trust me, you will never look at broccoli the same way again.

Hotel du lac, Montriond

Nestled by the beautiful Lac du Mondriond, Hotel du Lac gets five stars for location and ambiance. Sleek and beautiful, it has a refined yet relaxed air; making it the perfect place for a quiet drink or a romantic meal.

The food reflects this same vibe – it’s sophisticated yet understated, and hugely seasonal. The menu isn’t very big, but this is exactly why it’s worth going. Because the menu is small, it allows Hotel du Lac to do what they do – brilliantly. Each dish is considered and showcases humble vegetables in a lively and interesting way. Our current favourite dish is a salt-baked celeriac, but the menu changes throughout the season, so I’d recommend that you just take the plunge and trust their recommendation. And don’t forget to have a cocktail – they are hands down the best in Morzine.

Kamado kitchen, Route du Joux Plane (Morzine)

If you’re looking for the best takeaway in town, look no further than Kamado Kitchen. Purveyors of fantastic pan-Asian street food in the comfort of your own home, what I particularly love about Kamado Kitchen is that vegetables are the star. It’s easy to fall back on tofu, seitan and tempeh when creating Asian-inspired food, but Kamado Kitchen celebrates the diversity of vegetables, and their fantastic capacity for flavour. Our particular favourites are the aubergine and mushroom bao buns – light, fluffy and umami heavy, and the massaman curry – rich, flavoursome and fragrant.

L’improviste, Route de la Manche (Morzine)

Ask anyone for the best pizza in Morzine and it’ll be L’Improviste every time. Both a takeaway and a small dine-in restaurant, L’Improviste embodies the art of pizza making, and it is magnificent. From their wood-fired bases to their playful flavour combinations, it’s clear that every element is considered and given the love it deserves. From a vegetarian’s perspective, it’s a veritable pizza party. You’ll find a whole host of cheeses, vegetables and other ingredients. For vegans, their house vegan option ticks all the boxes. Topped generously with capers, olives, garlic, artichokes and herbs, it packs a piquant punch, and leaves you wanting for nothing – except maybe a second stomach and another pizza!

Satellite Coffee, Rue du Bourg (Morzine)

Far from a lone wanderer in the depths of space, Satellite Coffee sits at the very heart of Morzine’s trendy interior. A small but perfectly formed artisan coffee shop, Satellite offers an impressive menu brimming with thoughtful and nourishing veggie and vegan options. From spicy eggs to loaded porridge, whether you’re starting your day with a healthful bang, or emerging at lunchtime to nurse the Apres aftermath, Satellite has everything covered. Our favourite dishes at present are Turkish eggs – spicy, creamy and herby; and the house halloumi pitta with Andalouse sauce. If you’ve never tried Andalouse sauce, or even if you have, try this one.

Bec Jaune Brewery, Rte de la Combe À Zore (Morzine)

Bec Jaune is a trendy little microbrewery which puts as much love into their food as they do their beer. Joining the resurgence in techniques such as pickling and fermenting, you’ll find some fun little gems on the menu, mainly in the form of their small plates – although they also serve a small selection of Ramen bowls. Our particular favourites are the braised carrots with a coffee kombucha glaze, and oyster mushroom nuggets with pickled leeks.

Here at AliKats, we strongly believe that food should be delicious, exciting and wholesome for everyone. We also strongly believe in upholding the beauty and stability of nature, and therefore actively advocate making vegetarian and vegan choices. Our menus become more meat-free every year, which in turn allows us to showcase new and exciting plant-based food, as well as the exceptional variety of locally grown and foraged produce in the valley.

Every meal on both our catered and self-catered menus have vegetarian and vegan options. Never an afterthought, these options have been meticulously curated to compliment the dish just as perfectly as the meat option. To see our full range of catering options, plus sample menus, read about our food here.

So if you’re planning a trip to the mountains and are worried you’ll be left hungry, quell those fears. Morzine has a literal feast of incredible vegetarian and vegan options which will leave even the most staunch carnivore considering a holiday fling with broccoli.

About the author: Rachelle
Hey, I’m Rachelle. In a nutshell, I love creating things. I love cooking, I love sewing, I love DIY-ing, I love crafting, and I love learning what other people are passionate about. You probably won’t see me much during your stay but if you can’t find me in the kitchen, I’ll probably have my head in a flower somewhere or be lost half way up a mountain.

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