New Eco Package and Environmental Pledges for 2019-20

August 29th, 2019 Sustainability

We’re continuing our mission to be a more environmentally friendly company with new environmental pledges and an eco package to offer skiers the chance to make a few important changes to their holiday for the benefit of the environment.

The Eco Packageincluding a 10% discount on your holiday

The Eco Package is for skiers and snowboarders looking to enjoy the mountains with the least amount of environmental impact. The package includes:

A 10% discount on your holiday

As a bit of extra encouragement, we are providing a 10% discount on the total cost of a catered chalet holiday for guests who are willing to make a few changes for a greener holiday. Any of our catered chalets can be booked in The Eco Package, check out availability here.

Free transfers to and from the train station to our chalets

To qualify for the package, guests must choose train over air travel and will receive free transfers from Geneva train station to our chalets.

Kat’s amazing meat-free menu

There’s no scrimping on flavour when it comes to our vegetarian menu. Fresh, colourful dishes made from seasonal produce, will keep you energised for the week. If you’ve never tried going meat-free for an entire week, now is your opportunity to do it in style! You might be surprised at how little you miss the meat and how great you feel!

No mid-week towel changes

It’s a small sacrifice, but an important one. To keep energy consumption to a minimum we are cutting the mid-week towel change for guests booking The Eco Package.

Discounts on low-impact mountain activities

Our eco skiers will have the opportunity to tick off activities from their mountain bucket list, with discounts on low-impact mountain sports, including splitboarding, snowshoeing and ski touring.These activities rely more on manpower and use the lift infrastructure less, participants are required to carry their own equipment and leave no trace (apart from a few tracks) on the mountain environment. This presents a unique opportunity to get away from the hubbub of resort and step into the wilderness to connect with the beautiful spaces we are so desperate to preserve.

Ready to jump on board? Contact us to find out how to book

Environmental Pledges Revisited

When it comes to the environment, we’re serious about making a difference. Each year we evaluate our progress and revisit our environmental pledges to figure out new ways to make an even bigger impact.

We’ve put our heads together and here’s what we’re promising for 2019-20:

Plastics: our pledges

  • Replacing re-usable plastic water pouches with tin containers which guests can borrow for the duration of their stay. These are easily sterilized and hygienic to re-use.
  • Stopping the provision of single use slippers (wrapped in plastic) and encouraging guests to bring their own pair from home. The money saved will be invested in other environmental initiatives.
  • Eliminating plastic consumption from shop-bought yogurt pots by making our own batches of natural yogurt, along with fruit compote for flavouring (these also have the benefit of tasting great!).
  • Reducing plastic waste from packaged breakfast meats by buying salami and ham directly from the butchers and slicing it in our kitchen.
  • Supplying our hosts with reusable (non-plastic) bags for fruit and vegetable shopping at the supermarket, and exploring options for eliminating plastic milk containers.

Energy: our pledge

We are excited to announce that over the course of 2019-20, we will be working with all our chalet owners to switch electricity providers over to 100% renewable energy.

Carbon: our pledges

For 2019/20 we have purchased a Renault Kangoo ZE utility vehicle. This car is 100% electric and will be used by staff in resort for food shopping and deliveries.

To help reduce the carbon footprint of an AliKats Mountain Holiday, we will continue to make train travel more accessible and affordable to our customers by offering free transfers between train stations and our chalets as part of our eco package

Waste: our pledges

We minimise food wastage wherever possible. In 2019 we met our pledge to compost all our fruit and vegetables from our catered chalets and our central kitchen, and will continue this as standard practice.

We will also be continuing to provide eco-friendly uniforms for all our staff.

Visit our Environmental Policy for more information on our ongoing environmental initiatives.

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