5 reasons why you should book an AliKats ski holiday in Morzine this winter

October 16th, 2020 Holiday Tips

OK, so we know it seems a bit strange to be thinking about going on holiday when most European governments are in the process of tightening restrictions.

BUT, there are two little seeds of hope that we want to plant in your brain. Two seeds that might make you think that these restrictions don’t necessarily need to prevent you from enjoying your mountain escape this winter which probably seems more important than ever before…

  1. The first seed is that some of our guests are determined to come on their ski holiday at Christmas/New Year and have told us that they will deal with the consequences of quarantining when they get back. They have planned 2 weeks of working from home, food deliveries and zoom chats with friends that they haven’t spoken to in a while. It doesn’t sound too bad right? So, the seed question is: What would it take for you to set yourself up with 2 weeks of quarantining in order to have a week of heavenly mountain bliss and incredible snow*? (*see below for why!)
  2. The second seed is that there is growing evidence to suggest that the age of reliable, quick turnaround testing is nearly upon us. The kind of testing that can be used at airports and borders to establish whether a traveller does or does not have Covid19 within 30 minutes. When this happens, there will be much shorter or no quarantine and international travel will be BACK!

Even if you don’t buy into either of those two things, we have developed a Covid19 booking policy that will give you 100% value even if government restrictions stop you from coming.

Read below about that and the other 5 reasons why you should book an AliKats ski holiday this winter

And then, if you find yourself dreaming about skiing through glorious powder, why not drop us a line and see what we can offer. We would love to hear from you!

OK, let’s see what those seeds grow into….


1. Our new Covid19 booking policy gives you 100% value if government restrictions stop you coming

We have introduced a Covid19 booking policy so that you can continue to book with confidence. The highlight is that if your booking can’t happen due to a Covid related government travel restriction than we will offer you either 100% credit note or, if you prefer, a refund of all but the non-refundable deposit

Find out full details in our Terms & Conditions

Note: we are not offering 100% refunds because we don’t think it would be very responsible of us to make a promise that we can’t keep. If you find another company who is offering that, please make sure you are confident that they can actually keep that promise.

2. Morzine is only an 8 hour drive from Calais

As one of the most northerly Alpine ski resorts, Morzine is uniquely placed for people wanting to self drive this winter. London to Morzine by road is typically around 12 hours door-to-door so if you would rather not fly, then Morzine is an excellent option. Or you can really reduce your carbon footprint and take the train…

3. The signs are pointing towards a BUMPER SEASON of snow!

It has snowed for the last 3 weekends in a row in Avoriaz, which is almost unheard of at this time of year and meteorologists are predicting an excellent winter for snow!

4. Team Morzine have been preparing to keep you safe whilst on holiday…

We have put together a handy guide for what you might expect from a ski holiday this winter, including:

  • How telecabines and chairlifts will operate
  • Procedures for ski hire
  • Eating lunch on the mountain
  • Tips for travelling to Morzine

You can read all about it here

5. Our food!

You can enjoy our food in any of our chalets, not just our catered ones. We will come and deliver delicious, home cooked, award winning food straight into your fridge whilst you are out skiing. We are going to be introducing even more catering options so there will plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy our food this winter

We will be telling you more about this in the coming weeks but in the meantime, check out this Braised Guinea fowl with a wild mushroom sauce, roasted Savoy cabbage and Raclette pomme-purée which we think is the perfect post-ski dinner featuring the very best local produce. We can assure you it is as delicious as it looks!

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