April 5, 2012

How to choose a Christmas tree, when there are literally millions within 1 mile of our Morzine chalet

Each year around this time, I feel the strongest urge to walk up the mountain through the snow with my saw, find a pine tree and just cut it down in it’s prime in order to decorate the chalet in Morzine for xmas.

However, the urge is always suppressed by a combination of wanting to source the centrepiece ethically and not wanting to get arrested. The eyes of the tree police are everywhere. So, for another year running I have used my wallet instead of my saw to purchase our 2m tall specimen (any smaller would be silly given the size of the chalet!)

It now takes pride of place in the living room ready for our Christmas guests to arrive in Morzine at the chalet on Saturday. It has ample room under it’s canopy for presents to & from each of the 26 guests that will be staying with us and we can’t wait for the big day!