June 29, 2016

Swiss miniature steam railway – a family day out only 50 mins from Morzine



On the odd occasion when the weather is a bit grey in the mountains, you’ll often find that only a short drive down the valley on the shores of Lake Geneva, the sun will be shining. When that happens, there are loads of additional activities available only 30-50 mins from Morzine and one of those is the ‘Vapeur Park’ which is a miniature steam railway park. We took the AliKittens (see what we did there) for a day out and this is what we found…

Getting there from Morzine isfairly simple and drive along the shores of Lake Geneva and the views from the road are almost worth the trip in itself. Once you arrive, the setting is no less stunning, right next to Lake Geneva in the shadows of the northern Alps, the views are breathtaking. Once inside, there are lots of different stations you can board a train at and lots of different types of trains to choose from, including both electric and steam (powered by actual coal!)

Below a few photos of what to expect & you can find more information on the official website here

It is open pretty much every day from May – November & entry prices at the time of writing were:

·         17 Swiss Francs for adults

·         14 Swiss Francs for children

·         Children younger than 4 go free

AliKats top tip : bring a picnic as the food is quite pricey for what it is and doesn’t include many healthy options e.g. chips chips and more chips!