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Ski Passes

During an AliKats Holiday there is no need to go near any long queues at the ski lift office. We will arrange your ski passes for you and deliver them to you shortly after you arrive in resort, ready for you to hit the slopes and start enjoying your ski time.

This extra is available for the following seasons & catering options:
Catered Chalets:
Self Catered Chalets:


Days Adult Child Youth/Senior
Half Day €61 €46 €55
1 €67 €51 €61
2 €125 €95 €113
3 €186 €140 €168
4 €231 €174 €208
5 €288 €217 €261
6 €327 €246 €295
7 €381 €287 €343
8 €435 €327 €392
9 €461 €347 €417


Days Adult Child Youth/Senior
Half Day €52 €40 €47
1 €57 €44 €52
2 €107 €81 €96
3 €159 €120 €143
4 €197 €148 €177
5 €242 €185 €221
6 €278 €210 €248
7 €324 €244 €292
8 €370 €278 €334
9 €416 €313 €375


Days Adult Child Youth
Half Day €45 €39 €43
1 €49 €39 €43
2 €91 €69 €77
3 €135 €102 €114
4 €179 €135 €151
5 €223 €168 €188
6 €255 €195 €219


Days Adult Child Youth
Half Day €38.70 €30.20 €33.60
1 €42.10 €33.60 €37
2 €77.80 €59.10 €65.90
3 €115.20 €87.20 €97.40
4 €152.60 €115.20 €128.80
5 €190 €143.30 €160.30
6 €217.20 €166.20 €186.60
7 €252.90 €193.40 €217.20

How to purchase your ski pass

This straightforward process involves reserving your ski passes on our easy to use booking platform. Once your holiday reservation is confirmed you will be granted access to the system and will simply need to type in your details. We need to know the age of each skier or boarder, the number of days you require and the type of pass.

Once you have your pass, zip it into the pocket of your jacket (ski and snowboarding outerwear usually have a special pocket for this on the sleeve) and simply brush against a sensor at the barriers to enter the ski lift. It’s totally automatic and you should never need to take your pass out of your pocket!


Which ski pass should you choose?

The Full Portes du Soleil Ski Pass

For anyone other than absolute beginners, we recommend the full Portes du Soleil ski pass, which is fantastic value for money. This pass gives you access to all 12 resorts of the huge Portes Du Soleil ski area – the biggest international ski area in the world!

The area includes a whopping 400 km² of skiing with 307 pistes: 33 black, 105 red, 130 blue and 39 green. It also has 208 ski lifts and 30 snowparks/boardercross/ski-cross areas. With access to a huge variety of slopes, the area is excellent for all levels from total beginners to freestyle snowboarders and veteran skiers.

Our chalets are ideally located to ski in all the key resorts in the Portes du Soleil: Morzine, Les Gets, Avoriaz, Chatel as well as all the Swiss resorts, so you will have the opportunity to make the absolute most out of your pass.


Morzine-Les Gets Ski Pass

For absolute beginners, you will have plenty to do in a week with a Morzine-Les Gets pass. This gives you access to the beautiful Morzine-Les Gets ski area, but not the whole Portes Du Soleil ski area (described above). Just be aware, with this pass you can not access the Super Morzine or Prodains lifts which leave from Morzine but are actually part of the Avoriaz ski area.

The Morzine-Les Gets ski area offers a variety of different terrain, with plenty of wide, tree lined pistes as well as more difficult pistes and some off piste opportunities. The area has 48 ski lifts and 69 slopes (9 black, 28 red, 29 blue, 3 green).You can also ski right into the towns of Morzine and Les Get, and explore the stunning areas of Mont Chery and Nyon, including the new Nyon viewing platform (2109m) for an epic panorama view from Mont Blanc to Lake Geneva.

One thing to keep in mind: if you’re considering a Morzine-Les Gets pass please be aware that if you buy a 6-day Morzine-Les Gets ski pass, but then want to ski in the rest of the Portes Du Soleil area, it is not possible to upgrade your pass.

You would need to buy a separate lift pass for the full area, which will work out as more expensive than buying the 6 day Full Portes du Soleil Pass. For this reason we recommend only buying the Morzine-Les Gets Pass if you are a beginner and/or skiing with a group of beginners for the whole week.


Lift Pass Prices for winter 2023 – 24

The table below shows our two most popular passes and their prices (from winter 21-22), including the late season discount from the 2nd April. That’s right, Spring skiers benefit from a slightly discounted rate!

Good news for young people!

For winter 2022-23, anyone between the age of 16-25 years old now qualifies for a youth pass, as part of an initiative to open up the mountains to as many young people as possible


Take good care of your ski pass

Misplacing your ski pass is a hassle you don’t need and can cost you money and mountain time.

Firstly, we recommend writing down the unique number of your ski pass or taking a photo on your phone. This makes it easier to replace at the lift office in the event that you lose it.

Our second piece of advice is to carefully store it in the appropriate pocket on your outwear. Most ski/board jackets have a pocket especially designed for this purpose, which makes it super easy to move through the lift barriers without any faff searching for your pass. Just don’t forget to transfer it if the weather changes and you swap jackets during your holiday.


How will your ski pass work on the mountain?

All Portes du Soleil ski passes are hands free, which makes accessing the ski lifts an absolute breeze! They work using NFC technology, like an Oyster card or contactless payment card.

Once your ski pass is zipped into a pocket on your jacket, you can simply leave it there and when it brushes against a sensor on the barrier at the ski lift, it will open and allow you to go through. As most ski lift barriers have sensors on both sides it doesn’t matter which pocket you put your ski pass in. However, to prevent the ski lift pass from being blocked by other devices, it’s best to put mobile phones or wallets with other payment cards in separate pockets.

This service is provided by SARL AliKats Mountain Holidays

This service is not available to customers of SARL AK Vacances

7 of us stayed at La Grande Ourse this past week and we couldn’t fault it. Gorgeous chalet, great location and amazing hot tub. Alikats customer service was also excellent throughout and we won’t hesitate to book through them again!

Hannah Aspinall, Apr 2022