Reducing impact across our chalets

Our biggest environmental challenge is reducing carbon emissions created by the running of our properties. Despite some major shifts in the way we operate our chalets in recent years, this remains the primary contributor to our carbon footprint and something we are committed to changing. The 2 key areas we are working on are:


All of our properties, including the chalets we run, our central kitchen and AliKats HQ, are powered by electricity from 100% renewable energy. This energy come specifically from river fed dams as opposed to the more environmentally harmful reservoir fed dams, from a local source in France. We are currently operating more than 10 properties (including our own home) on green energy. As our business grows we are committed to ensuring all premises are run on responsibility sourced renewable energy.

In our chalets we use LED lightbulbs and our central kitchen runs off a wood pellet boiler. Guests’ towel changes are also optional rather than mandatory to save on water and electricity.



When it comes to heating, some of our chalets are heated through oil powered boilers. Wherever possible, we are working with chalet owners to install heating systems based on renewable energy, such as air source heat pumps. We are currently working on a methodology for calculating the carbon emissions resulting from this area of the business so we can accurately mitigate them in responsible off setting projects. That said, cutting down these emissions by changing the heating system is preferable.