Decarbonising Transport

Every journey makes a difference

In line with our carbon management program, we are measuring the carbon emissions produced from transport within our business and are actively seeking ways to reduce them. We also understand that travelling to (and from) Morzine is a huge part of the carbon footprint of a ski holiday – in fact, it’s estimated that 60% – 70% of the ski resort’s yearly carbon emissions come from visitors’ modes of transport to and from the resort.

To achieve our sustainable transport and climate-change goals, transformational changes are needed across technology, behaviour and investment. We have identified several key areas where we can make a difference:

Accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles

We have already purchased a Renault Kangoo ZE utility vehicle. This car is 100% electric and is used by our team in resort for food shopping and deliveries. We plan to invest further in electric vehicles until our fleet is 100% electric.


Reducing emissions from high-carbon air-travel

Around 75% of the carbon emissions associated with tourism in the northern Alps are from travel, with 75% of that carbon coming from flying. In fact, it’s been concluded that choosing the train over flying cuts CO2 emissions per passenger by 90%.

Staff and guest travel to and from resort are the two areas where we can make a difference, here’s how:

Staff travel

We provide and fund the alternative options of road or rail over plane travel for our team members to get to and from resort.


Guest travel

To reduce the carbon emissions associated with guests travelling to our holidays, we are committed to making train travel more accessible and affordable. As much as possible, we promote alternative options and provide incentives for guests who choose train over plane. These initiatives support the important Montagne Verte campaign to establish a commercial train line between Lille and the Northern-Alps, by creating a demand for train travel to Morzine.

As we do not book flights or any type of travel to or from the resort, our carbon analyse and mitigation activity does not include the carbon emitted from guest’s travel to the resort. To account for these carbon emissions our goal is to introduce a carbon offsetting initiative to our guests, which enables them to measure and mitigate the carbon produced by their transport to resort. By opting into this program our customers can rest assured that their contribution is invested in our carefully selected off-setting projects.