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Reducing Waste & Plastics

Zero waste is both a goal and a philosophy

Adopting a zero waste approach is helping us prevent the amount of waste that is burnt, buried or discharged into the ocean.

Linear modes of consumption based on a ‘take-make-dispose pattern’ create high levels of waste and environmental impact. Although preferable to other modes of disposal, recycling is energy-intensive and cannot be the only solution; we support the more holistic practices provided by a circular economy, which emphasises the conservation and re-use of resources throughout multiple product life cycles. That’s why we have taken the time to build a network of local partners, specialist repair shops and craftsmen, as well as employing maintenance workers within our team, to help us repair and extend the life of the items we use.

We also measure our waste which makes us more mindful and helps us set targets for reducing it.

This approach means less environmental impact, less resources and energy used. Big or small, every effort makes a difference. Getting to zero waste is not an easy thing to achieve particularly when it comes to maintaining food hygiene standards but we are committed to pursuing it as a long term goal and our current efforts include:

Repair and reuse

  • Repairing white appliances instead of buying new (even if it is sometimes financially uneconomical to do so)
  • The repair and upcycle of furniture.
  • Buying high quality items, which will last a long time, and even if it is more expensive, repairing rather than replacing.
  • Encouraging staff to repair ski wear instead of buying new.
  • Partnering with Crevasse Clothing for ski clothing rentals.
  • Partnering with Ski Mobile, which offer ski service and kit repair.
  • Old towels reused as cleaning cloths, and towels and sheets that are worn go to charity and low income families.
  • Kitchenware and soft furnishings gets reused and freecycled if no longer required.

Limiting Plastics

Wherever possible we limit or avoid plastics by replacing them with more sustainable materials:

  • Glass jars are used for food storage and food deliveries.
  • Plastic cleaning bottles are reused and filled with our cleaning products.
  • Plastic toothbrushes have been replaced with bamboo ones for guests that forgot to bring their own.
  • Washing up brushes are made of natural materials.
  • Plastic water pouches have been replaced by tin containers which guests can borrow for the duration of their stay. These are easily sterilized and hygienic to re-use.
  • Plastic consumption from shop-bought yogurt pots has been eliminated by making our own batches of natural yogurt and fruit compote for flavouring.
  • Salami and ham is purchased directly from the suppliers without plastic packaging.
  • Hosts supplied with reusable (non-plastic) bags for fruit and vegetable shopping at the supermarket.
  • Large plastic food pots are repurposed for product storage and waste management
  • Bathroom toiletries are purchased in bulk and existing containers refilled.
  • Food is delivered in reusable crates.