Carbon Neutrality Transport Contribution

No matter how you travel it is predicted that transport to your ski resort will account for at least half of the emissions caused by your skiing holiday.


The good news is that choosing train or road over air travel will significantly reduce emissions, and we are finding ways to make this easier and more appealing, including incentives for guests who travel by train.

However, we understand that most of our guests find taking a plane to the Alps the most convenient and cost effective means of travel, which means for the foreseeable future, it is inevitable that travel to resort will continue to have a huge climate impact.

We track how much CO2/CO2e our operations as a company emit in kg on an annual basis, including in-resort transport, accommodation, waste and food production. This empowers us to find new solutions to reduce emissions across these areas. Where carbon reduction hasn’t been possible we work with GoodPlanet Foundation to calculate a contribution to be invested in their portfolio of carbon reduction projects. Read more here

Currently as we do not book travel for our customers, this is not included in our carbon calculations or accounted for in our contribution. To facilitate a more complete contribution towards carbon neutrality we would like to give customers a chance to make their own carbon contribution which will be invested in the carbon reduction projects of GoodPlanet Foundation.

We have calculated the contribution at €9/person based on the average carbon emissions of a return flight from a European City to Geneva plus a return shared minibus transfer (c. 0.41 tonnes of CO2 per person for the return journey). This calculation is the same for adults and children and we will add this contribution to the cost of your holiday at the time of booking.

This can be amended if you have

a) chosen to travel by a more sustainable means

b) have already offset your travel emissions

c) would rather not pay it, or

d) will be travelling further and would like to update the calculation to contribute more.

To amend it, simply email