From us to you...

The introduction of new data privacy regulations in May 2018 means that our database of AliKats supporters that we had spent the previous 7 years carefully nurturing must be wiped out and started again. SIGH!

So, we saw this as an opportunity to create even better service for our customers and we decided to create a club that provides exclusive access to special offers that no-one else can get… The AliKats Members Club

It takes roughly 16.5 seconds to sign up and all the benefits are listed below.


AliKats Members Club Benefits


  • Exclusive access to our brand new pre-holiday concierge service where we can help book:
    • Ski lessons
    • Restaurants
    • Massages

This is on top of the standard service that we offer to everyone to book ski passes, airport transfers etc…

  • A bottle of Vin Mousseux in your room on arrival when you book a holiday with us.


  • Genuinely special offers via email (approx once/month). These offers will not be available to Joe Public!