Our Pact with the Planet

Sustainability Hub

We imagine a world where tourism goes beyond net zero and becomes an inspiring force for good. A world in which hospitality is delivered in a truly sustainable way, enriches local communities and is provided by teams of talented people who love what they do.

We have a personal mission to create a low impact business and lifestyle, and seriously believe that every action, small or big makes a difference.

How skiers can make a difference

We do not hide from the fact that skiing has had a detrimental impact on the environment, but we firmly believe that this can be transformed. Mountain tourism can become an inspiring force of positive change on a local and global scale. As a community that is strongly feeling the effects of climate change year-on-year, we are among the most proactive. Likewise, as a skier through your actions and purchasing decisions, you have an opportunity to propel positive change and protect the mountains you cherish. We are committed to helping our guests tread lightly on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. As a starting point you can:

  1. Seek out eco-friendly companies to spend money with. Think about your accommodation, food, clothing and equipment.

  2. Reduce your CO2 emissions by choosing more environmentally friendly methods of travel, like road or rail, over flying.

  3. Choose a green resort. Morzine/ Avoriaz is pushing forward with the sustainable development of The Portes du Soleil ski area and is on its way to achieving a Flocon Vert: a label which certifies a mountain tourist destination is making substantial efforts to make its resort green.

  4. Back the Planet. Support eco efforts within the industry by sharing stories, investing in nonprofits and taking an interest in environmental initiatives.

  5. Off-set your carbon emissions in credited projects. To make this step easier, we are working on a project to help our guests calculate and offset CO2 emissions created during travel to and from Morzine.

  6. Eat sustainably. Stay with companies that buy local produce to reduce food miles and are helping guests reduce their meat consumption, with initiatives like AliKats meat free Mondays and attractive vegetarian/vegan options. Plant-based foods are massively on the rise and becoming far more common in Morzine restaurants, cafes and supermarkets.

It’s a journey

We don’t have all the answers, but we are committed to transparently sharing our progress and learnings, and invite feedback at any time to help us improve.